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PPE Trusted Sourcing Program

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Our members around the world are sourcing PPE and medical device products to help companies and individuals live in the 'new normal'. Learn here about our members and their product offers.

MEDwheels Inc. saves lives spiritually, physically, and emotionally by providing medical supplies and medical equipment to diverse customers across all market segments. Medwheels is a family operated, woman-owned business operating since 2005. The firm is SBA Certified, SBA Certified SDB and SBA Certified HUB. In the pandemic, Medwheels is a trusted resource for hospitals, governments and other organizations for the necessary equipment to fight COVID-19.

Sourcing: 4 Ply Masks and Advocate Thermometer

Contact: Jane Gonzalez, CEO at +1 (210) 215-2827



Galaxie AG is a global company sourcing safety and medical solution based out of Malaysia. Galaxie is helping companies needing PPE and medical devices products. They are also helping manufacturers with trade facilitation services for this type of products.

Sourcing: A variety of masks, gloves, face shields, ventilators and more. 

 Main Contact: Raihan Hadi, Managing Partner & CEO



Abastecedora Higiénica de Sonora (AHS) is a Mexican based company that manufactures and develops sanitary products for different industries. They are currently producing a anti-microbial gel that is very effective for the COVID-19 new reality.

Sourcing: Antimicrobial gel made of Chitosan

 Main Contact: Julio C. Pablos, CEO




Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals is a San Diego based company. Their office and lab are in Sorrento Valley, a district that is home to many biotech companies, providing Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals with a readily available vast network from which to conduct their forward based research and development. 

Sourcing: Hand Sanitizer

Main Contact: Ken Kuczwaj, General Sales Manager



Mask Vietnam by Teresa Global LLC, based in Virginia USA, has identified sources of high-quality yet cost effective masks as well as other PPE.  They continue to support the community and provide medical supplies. Teresa Global is partners with one of the best factories in Vietnam that provides masks and other PPE.

Sourcing: Gowns, Cloth Face Masks4 Ply Masks, Disposable Gloves & 3M Masks

Main Contact: Kimviet Ngo, President



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