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Welcome to Global Chamber® Niamey

Members of Global Chamber® Niamey gain access to millions of customers, partners and trusted connections across Niger and in 525 metropolitan areas around the world to grow their business. We help companies export, import, invest and be more successful.

We're the only organization in NIger with hundreds of locations outside of the country that supports attraction, landing, exporting, importing and investment. Our network of over 40 million trusted connections are a key asset to any company looking for more growth.

Do business only in Niamey? Join a local organization. Do business in Niger and other countries as well, and do you see international business as a growth opportunity? Join us at Global Chamber® Niamey!

We're a global network of business leaders seeking faster growth with less risk across regional and country borders. To get connected with Global Chamber® Niamey, contact Executive Director Omar Boulama at or click this email link.


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