Global Chamber Launching this Week

Global ChamberĀ® Evolves from Arizona international Growth Group (AZIGG)

Published Saturday, November 1, 2014 6:00 am

Global Chamber® launches from Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday, November 5th, 10-11am at Phoenix City Hall with Mayor Stanton and regional and global leaders. The launch follows 7 years of operations as Arizona International Growth Group (AZIGG), which over that time had nearly 400 speakers and collected over 20,000 followers.

"It's a new global day for AZIGG, Global Chamber and Phoenix", said Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder of Global Chamber and AZIGG.

You can read more about AZIGG here and at

Global Chamber will continue some of the AZIGG best practices including collaborating regionally, supporting global connections and providing mentoring on global growth and global careers. The biggest difference going forward will be that Global Chamber is branching out well beyond Arizona... providing additional business services and creating a 'global tribe' of business executives, professionals and students... who share comparable challenges and opportunities.

"Those of us who love global business have a special connection", said Doug Bruhnke, "and that connection keeps us tied together even as we're doing business far afield. However we've all felt that pang of loneliness along the way, with comparable frustrations in a mix of cross cultural challenges, jet lag and cross-border difficulties. We have a lot to give each other when we find ways to stay connected, as we plan to facilitate via the Global Chamber."

Watch for more on the Global Chamber later this week. The website will be up on Wednesday at, and there is a full compliment of social media available on twitter, facebook and linkedin. Join the global tribe! Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!