Connecting You to the World

Benefits Include More Trusted Connections, Up-to-Date Information and Much More

Published Monday, November 3, 2014 1:00 am

Growing your business globally comes along with plenty of great opportunities, and lots of risk, too. If it was easy, more people would be doing it. But they're not.

Less than 1% of U.S. companies export, and of those, most export to only one country, and of those, that one country is usually Mexico or Canada. And so the number of companies who have a global growth plan and are actively and successfully selling overseas to multiple countries outside of Mexico and Canada is very small.

"It's tough, but not that tough", said Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder of Global Chamber. Since I started my global business career in January of 1987 with a trip to Seoul, Korea as a young fluoropolymers technical support professional with Dupont, I've seen success, failure and lots of interesting experiences in between. The biggest issue I've seen is that business executives and professionals don't stay engaged with the latest success ideas, or even with resources that can help them over the rough spots. There's so much danger, why do they risk everything? There hasn't been an easy way to stay engaged other than web searches, or bursts of training, but that's not nearly enough."

The new Global Chamber intends to change that. Starting with the launch on November 5th, those in global business will have a much easier time to stay engaged with the latest and greatest information, technologies and resources... so critical to their success.

"Larger companies have most of what they need. Except even working in a big company I felt alone, and lone crazy 'global guy'. Once while visiting the U.S. during an expat assignment, someone took me aside and said, 'Doug, sad to say, but the general perception is that you've gone over to 'their' side.' Wow - what a concept, and how misguided. But everyone who has done global business and in particular been an expat can relate. We can do better.

"Small to medium sized companies have plenty gaps, and we expect to be able to help there with all the best resources available as members and supporters of the Global Chamber. It takes a village to grow globally, and we can help assemble the village and keep people engaged with them."

Connect now with the Global Chamber - starting November 5th. Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!