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Global ChamberĀ® Launches at City Hall with Mayor Stanton

Published Tuesday, November 11, 2014 6:00 am

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. (November 10, 2014). – Global Chamber® , an organization dedicated to engaging leaders, companies and communities in more successful cross-border trade and investment, has officially launched its Phoenix and Tucson chapters. Arizona and global launch events were held on November 5 and 6 with featured speakers Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, Mexico Consul General Roberto Rodriguez, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and others.  

“Bringing in this chamber will be another tool to expand exports and imports,” said Mayor Rothschild, who has made expanding trade with Mexico a top priority of his administration.

Global Chamber® seeks to close the resource gap that organizations face when expanding globally by providing key services and support for its members, sponsors and partners around the world. The world’s first collaborative ‘global’ chamber of commerce offers member access to resources such as in-person and virtual international business events, an online global career center, mentoring, trusted connections, training, video content, trade articles and more.

"Those of us who love global business have a special connection with each other", said Doug Bruhnke, founder and CEO of Global Chamber®, ”and that connection keeps us tied together even as we're doing business far from home. Yes we’ve all felt that pang of loneliness on the journey along the way, with shared frustrations from a mix of cross cultural challenges, jet lag and cross-border difficulties. We have a lot to give each other when we find ways to stay connected, as we plan to facilitate via the Global Chamber.”

The Global Chamber® launch follows 7 years of operations as Arizona International Growth Group (AZIGG), which over that time had nearly 400 speakers and collected over 20,000 followers. Global Chamber® will continue some of the AZIGG best practices including collaborating regionally, supporting global connections and providing mentoring on global growth and global careers. Global Chamber® plans to expand to hundreds of cities around the world over the next several years, with Arizona as its hub.

The Global Chamber® is dedicated to more effectively growing the number of people successfully engaged with cross-border trade and investment - advancing companies, careers and communities. We are expanding collaboration to create a global business support network to engage leaders and create more growth of cross border business everywhere. For more information on the Global Chamber® and membership, please visit


Arielle Cottrell
Global Chamber®