Business Services

Global Chamber® offers business services, directly and through our members and collaborators. One of the most important services are 'warm connections' and 'warm introductions', which we work on every day to connect members to potential clients, partners and resources within their metro and across metros and borders.

Our Export Circles℠, Enlightened Leaders℠ and Export League℠ initiatives help exporters and others doing international business lower risk and grow more productively, with greater success.

We're everywhere so that we know the best partners, training and other services just right for our members. Our database of over 30 million business contacts helps to connect our members to more and better opportunities. Join and we'll save you the time lower risk.

We also hold globinars℠ to educate and train our members. These are webinars with the special global tribe twist... educational, for globies! Focused, professional and just right for our members.

Customers and distributors are part of who we may connect you with if you're interested. In addition, key trusted resources in banking, international law, intellectual property, financial services, real estate, logistics, marketing, sales, accounting and much more... are one warm introduction away.

We have a wealth of education and training services available to support your and your team's success.

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