Our Mission

Accelerate cross-border trade and investment by engaging top executives and regional leaders with connections and information to grow business, increase community success and change the world.

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We’re the first and ONLY Chamber focused on growing cross-border trade and investment in a collaborative way across 525 metro areas... everywhere!

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If you're a leader who seeks additional growth for your company beyond one metro area, join us to connect and grow.

We help with these regional and global challenges...

  1. Accelerating success of companies by helping them move more quickly.
  2. Connecting more companies to cross metro and border growth opportunities.
  3. Collaborating for more success through our 'global tribe' - it takes a village!
  4. Engaging more students in global career opportunities with jobs and internships.
  5. Facilitating the process for professionals and executives to connect with global careers.
  6. Bringing sustainable and entrepreneurial approaches to cross border commerce.

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