Global Chamber® is everywhere... with Chapters and Regional Desks on every continent with coverage in every country and metro area. 

See our chapters here. We support executives to gain more growth and expansion.

Are you doing business in one metro? Join a local organization. Do you see growth potential in other metro areas and across borders? Join us!


"I went back over the last couple years and it's clear that our growth can be traced to more clients coming from Global Chamber® both directly and through other members than any other source. We are pleased to be members because the ROI is there."

Kevin Hull, Sr. VP at BMO Bank / TYR Tactical


"Global Chamber is the most unique chamber in the world, perfectly built for our new virtual world."

Dr. Jagat Shah, Vibrant Markets India (and much more!)


"Thank you for all of the opportunities you present for members, all of the warm connections you introduce, and the invaluable information which you bring forth through all of the Global Chamber events and globinars!”

Erica Hervol, Principal/Partner-Int'l Commercial Real Estate investment Consulting


"Joining Global Chamber has been our best business decision.”

Bill Papazian, CEO and Founder at Lightstone Solutions


"Global Chamber is, based on my 46 years of doing global business, the best global networking vehicle in the world.”

William (Bill) Edwards, Chief Executive Officer at Edwards Global Services


"Global Chamber CEO Doug Bruhnke not only knows just about everyone who is involved in international business, but he seems to be EVERYWHERE all the time. How does he do that? Why does he do that? I think it's because he has a passion... to see those who are like-minded be connected, and by those connections, he sees that we are stronger.”

Conni Ingallina, Executive Director at Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations


"The Global Chamber helps expand exports and imports.”

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, City of Tucson


"Welcome Global Chamber! We're proud and happy to have your global headquarters right here in Phoenix.”

Mayor Greg Stanton, City of Phoenix


"Global Chamber is a wonderful network that has delivered beyond expectations after becoming a member. All of my e-mails and requests were answered without delay and connections to project advisers were introduced seamlessly. I highly suggest attending a Global Chamber event to experience a true sense of business community.”

Rick Sagritalo, President at Liberty Trade Empire


"The Global Chamber genuinely cares about the success of the community. (CEO) Doug Bruhnke operates with the highest level of professionalism and integrity, and takes an active interest in my business."

Vince Thelander, VP at Bank of America


"It is a great pleasure being part of the Global Tribe and to collaborate with all of you for more success.”

Ivonne Castro, Managing Partner at IP Living


"We are very pleased with being an affiliate member of Global Chamber®, and we're happy any time to be a reference.”

Andrew Rauch, VP at iTexico


"Our vision is a world fully connected across borders by commerce, using technology and collaboration to more effectively facilitate greater company, country, community and career success. Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!"

Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder at Global Chamber®


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