GGBP Program 1: Five Options to Access Foreign Markets, Session 1

Date: August 28, 2019
Time: 8:00 am - 9:30 am
ZOOM Virtual
Contact: Global Chamber


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Program 1, Session 1 of 4 (see dates below)

We've designed 6 programs, each with 4 weekly sessions, to help you grow globally more effectively. They are presented in logical order to best assist with your growth planning and implementation.

We're offering each of the 4 sessions of the 1st program for free to members & non-members to create value with no risk for your business! There will be a fee for programs 2 through 6, and their 4 sessions for each program.

Global merchandise trade across borders is around $20 trillion per year, and service trade is around $6 trillion per year. Global Chamber and Coaching Professors have teamed up to offer 6 Programs to help you gain a great slice of this opportunity.

    • How do you evaluate the opportunity, and what do you do next? 
    • For your business, which are the best countries?  
    • How should you expand? What should your plan be? 
    • What barriers will you encounter and how do you overcome them?  
    • What specific international issues and opportunities will you face?

Direct experience and MBA level materials will be shared in the Global Growth Best Practices (GGBP) Series. GGBP was specifically designed to meet the needs of Global Chamber members and to provide formalized guidance in the selection, identification, reach and management of international markets. 

The format of the meetings provides strong interaction between all participants, and we'll move forward learning from each other and from the facilitator. The visiting speakers address specific topics.

GGBP consists of the six 4-week programs, with different objectives and different focus for each. The online meetings will be once a week, 1.5 hours per meeting, with ‘full access” participation by each attendee. Participants will receive a multi-slide Power Point summary of each meeting, relevant participation, guidance, answers, and useful information for their businesses.

The 6 programs divided into the following:

Program 1. Five Options to Access Foreign Markets and the EFE Methods to Assess

Program 2 - The H Model: Predicting Global Cultural Affinity

Program 3 - Pricing for Profit in International Business

Program 4 - Metrics and KPIs to Assess Your Foreign Operations 

Program 5 - Financial Analysis and Solutions for International Divisions and Foreign Operations

Program 6 - International Conflict Resolution Techniques

While each 4-week module will be accessed independently, it is suggested that the modules be taken in the existing sequence, with continuity, to best benefit from each prior learning tools for the next program learning.

At the end of the series by August 2020, we will have a Virtual "Graduation Ceremony" where Certificates of Attendance and Recognition will be delivered for those completing the entire program. 

Program 1: Five Options to Access Foreign Markets and the EFE Methods to Assess

How did you select the countries were you are conducting international operations?  What method did you use to compare your selection to other potential countries? Did you quantify your choices?  What macro variables did you consider and what weight did you assign to each one of them in the in the decision making process?  It is interesting how the selection of a foreign market is often the result of personal preferences or just a response to unsolicited foreign orders.   With the EFE method you will no longer have to wonder what country or countries you should select for your company - you will have an actual ‘number’ to compare each country that you are considering.    After quantifying your country selection process, you will then participate in a detailed discussion and examination of each Foreign Market Entry Method., thus assessing the best method of market entry for your company product and service, and its planned evolution.  A Power Point document will be distributed to each participant with week details.


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A ZOOM link will be delivered after registration. Seminars will be at 8am PST / 11am EST and last for 1.5 hours. 



Roberto AncisProf. Roberto Ancis - CEO/Founder at Coaching Professors LLC'Prof.' ROBERTO J. ANCIS - B.S. Physics, MS Chemistry and Computer Science, MBA Marketing, Management and International Business. University instructor, researcher, business and technical marketing consultant since 1981. Nationally and internationally known for his seminars in business development, sales, marketing, branding, consumer psychology, direct marketing, distribution marketing, outreach and Internet strategies. Having taught International Business for the past 37 years in Graduate School of the University of Phoenix, to MBA candidates, the CEO and founder of Coaching Professors, Inc. has advised and provided guidance for many foreign companies to successfully enter the United States and for U.S. companies to expand their reach outside U.S. national boundaries. Since 1981, he has also offered workshops and seminars in corporate and personal effectiveness, to over 60,000 participants.


About Coaching Professors LLC: Coaching Professors experience in International Business includes Importing/ Exporting, Joint Ventures, Foreign Operations, and Licensing. Since 1981, the company worked extensively with many foreign clients who entered the U.S. market and with domestic companies wishing to expand internationally in Central America, South America, Australia and Europe. Coaching Professors worked directly with Foreign Consulates and Trade Missions located in the U.S., including the Quebec Trade Mission, The Danish Royal Consulate, The British Consulate, the Italian Trade Missions, the Thailand Trade Mission, the Indian Consulate. The company provides advisory in strategic business development, marketing, sales re-engineering and consumer psychology and since 1981, it has helped over 1,000 commercial clients, both domestically and internationally. Consulting Professors Online (a fully owned subsidiary of Coaching Professors, Inc.) provides Online programs that address Core Business Topics, Advanced Business Advisory, and Personal Self Development Programs; in selected foreign countries, the e-Seminar division provides U.S.. Market Entry programs under the name ‘The Bridge’ TM for companies interested in the U.S. market.

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