Export Circles

Global Chamber® offers Export Circles℠ for successful executives who are exporting, importing or otherwise engaged with global business, and are looking for even more growth and success.

We've teamed up with top leaders to create a special experience for international executives.

"Nothing helps a CEO be more successful on the global stage than participating in Export Circles℠. The support is unparalleled and just right for capturing new opportunities."

Successful CEOs participate in Export Circles℠ to stay on the global management cutting edge and further their company’s international growth. CEOs meet monthly and make continual progress. With Export Circles℠, the combination of peer-to-peer advisory, AI technology and global resource sharing is unparalleled, all facilitated by a strong regional leader. Export Circles℠ are available in active metro chapters of Global Chamber® around the world... and virtually anywhere - see more here.

Participants benefit by...

1) Leveraging the experience of C-level peer members... to be informed, advised and enlightened... to uncover opportunities and achieve greater success.

2) Utilizing world-class technology to expand foundational readiness and advance management processes needed to grow.

3) Accessing a 12-month curriculum with monthly sharing from top global resources in your region and around the world.

Do business in one city? Join a local chamber. Do business in multiple metropolitan regions? Join the Global Chamber® and participate in Export Circles.

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