Globinar: More Global Business Success in 2020

Date: January 9, 2020
Time: 8:00 am - 9:00 am
ZOOM Virtual
Contact: Global Chamber

More Global Business Success in 2020

It's a new year!! 2020 is here!

How you can improve global sales and operations... growth, productivity, leadership and success?

There are plenty of opportunities to solidify your global operations by creating more robust systems that support more consistent and profitable growth. Join us to learn how your business can have more success and expansion through these ideas that everyone should be aware of and use. Take your success to the next level!    

Join us to learn more! 8am US Pacific, 9am US Mountain, 10am US Central, 11am US Eastern... and around the world. Zoom in from anywhere to capture year-start gems to grow by.


00:00 – Multi-Metro Globinar begins

  • Marco Roberts - International Speaker, Lecturer & Business Investor; "2020 Leadership"
  • Shane Jacobs - Global Business Advisor at Global Upside; "Finding Upside in the New Decade"
  • Lucie Newcomb - President  and CEO at NewComm Global Group, Inc.; "Stay Global and Grow"

00:30 – Q&A Session

01:00 - End 

Speaker Bios

Marco Robert - International Speaker, Author and Business Investor at Manchester Capital Ventures. Marco is internationally recognized as an Inspirational Speaker & Lecturer, Turnaround Management Consultant, Corporate Board Advisor and Venture Capitalist. His clients and peers have dubbed him: “The Business Disruptor”. He's also author of the book, The Business Intervention.

Since the early 2000’s in his function as a consultant, Marco has advised nearly 500 businesses all over the world. With the help of the aptly named BOSS Management System he created, Marco is said to be able to pin point business solutions and rescue a business faster than any one else. Over the years he has made a name for himself as the “turnaround specialist who never fails.” Every year Marco is single-handedly responsible for pumping millions of dollars of value into his clients’ businesses in the form of increased sales & profits, job creation and business valuation.

Marco is a true citizen of the world. For the first five years after college, he worked in Canada and in the Bahamas to gain experience and muster the confidence to start his first business. From there he moved to Guatemala in Central America where he opened two restaurants. Later, after selling his restaurants, Marco started a private equity investment company, and soon moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, enjoying a beach lifestyle while running his business. Starting in 2001, he began visiting California’s Silicon Valley on a regular basis. The charms, climate and entrepreneurial spirit of Northern California soon seduced him. So, in 2004 with a partner, he started a management consulting firm and began helping local Californian businesses grow and thrive. As soon as the word got out about the kind of successes his clients were having, Marco got head-hunted to collaborate on larger consulting projects with a national consulting firm. Over the years he has collaborated with several such large firms on business projects all over the world. In 2016, with a partner, he formed his latest business; a Silicon Valley boutique venture capitalist firm.


Lucie Newcomb - President and Chief Executive Officer at NewComm Global Group, Inc. Lucie Newcomb has been opening markets and opportunities for IT & Services companies, including market leaders like Cisco, IBM and Johnson & Johnson, and innovative former start-ups, such as Marvell Semiconductor and for 3 decades. Lucie has double the industry "hit" rate for closing business and 100% project/ program management track record: always on time and budget. She has been recognized as one of the esteemed 2015 Women of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

A head of Marketing, Communications and Sales departments since 1983, Lucie has presented at more than a dozen industry conferences worldwide and is the author of a dozen executive education courses, including “How to Buy Effective Market Research” and “Defining Your Profit Zone“ featuring NewComm Global's BestPricing system. She has also held a number of leadership roles, including co-Founder, with the US Consul General, of the Cape-American Business Council in Cape Town, South Africa and serves on the Global Chamber of San Francisco Advisory Board. She has also been a mentor, instructional designer and trainer for the U.S. Department of State and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Lucie also has a Master’s degree Leadership Studies from St. Mary’s College. She is an accredited coach in the Hall-Tonna Values Inventory, a methodology for breakthrough Leadership Development, and the Leadership Practices Inventor (LPI). A former resident of both the United Kingdom and South Africa, she is fluent in French.


Shane Jacobs - Global Business Advisor at Global Upside. Shane has been passionate about international business since his time in France over 25 years ago. As a Global Business Advisor at Global Upside, Shane supports businesses as they expand into new countries with entity set up, compliance, payroll, HR and accounting services.  Additionally, he assists companies in hiring foreign employees through Global Upside’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and provide tools and resources for them to stay in compliance in each new country they enter.  



Moderator: Doug Bruhnke - Founder/CEO of Global Chamber®Doug is an international entrepreneur, speaker and investor dedicated to helping members of Global Chamber® reach new markets across metros and borders more successfully. He is a two-time expat with Dupont in Tokyo and Singapore with over 30 years of global business experience in nearly all countries and segments. Doug is a regional advisor for U.S. Global Leadership Coalition and a member of collaborating international groups including the Arizona District Export Council. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Utah and an EMBA from Michigan State University.


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