Becoming ATHENA: Emerging Leaders, Champions for Change

Date: August 13, 2020

Global Chamber® is pleased to announce this new program in collaboration with ATHENA International to help women business leaders advance their international leadership skills and increase success across metro regions and borders.

The first program will kick-off the week of June 22, 2020 and then the participants will meet bi-weekly in a virtual forum, facilitated by select members of the ATHENA International facilitator body, through October. A second group is planned for August through December.

Participants will be women leaders from around the world, meeting virtually and working on coursework between sessions. An integral part of the design is for each woman to learn from the multi-cultural, English-speaking leaders as well as the instructor.

Individual: US$550 for the entire program, June through October. Multiple attendees are $500 times the number of attendees. For amounts not shown above, use a combination from above OR please use this payment page.


Adapted for a virtual community, this 8-session program is designed to provide emerging women leaders with a global platform, tools and resources for creating professional pathways for expanding their sphere of influence, gaining increased confidence, cultivating greater resiliency in the face of change and challenge, and stepping up into their own leadership potential. A unique feature of this globally focused  program is the opportunity to connect, learn from, and build relationships with other women leaders from around the  world.

Built upon the ATHENA Leadership Model, each session will  focus on one ATHENA’s eight guiding leadership.

 - Live Authentically
 - Act Courageously
 - Learn Constantly
 - Foster Collaboration
 - Build Relationships
 - Give Back
 - Advocate Fiercely
 - Celebrate

Is This Program Right for You?

This program is designed for BOTH early stage developing leaders and later stage leaders who want to expand their level of leadership and/or who are interested in growing their leadership team.

Time Commitment

Divided into eight learning modules, each 1.5-hour session will focus on one of the ATHENA leadership principles and include live polling and interactive group discussion, led by a seasoned ATHENA facilitator. Attendees will also receive links to additional reading material and other tools and resources to supplement their learning. Please allow approximately 1-2 hours each week for reflection, learning and  preparation for our live sessions together.

Participants who attend all eight sessions may be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion from Acacia University.

More about our instructor Sharon E. Reed here.

Questions? Contact Yvonne at

"For any woman looking to scratch a bit deeper beyond the surface of who you are, understand what you bring (and can bring) to the proverbial table, and how you can lift others up - the ATHENA Emerging Leaders Champions for Change program should be at the top of your 'todo' list. During the program, I had the opportunity to meet amazing, strong women who shared personal stories & lessons inspiring each other by listening, learning and growing together." - Susan Partington Jabra

“As a woman building her career in the technology industry in the heart of Silicon Valley, I was so excited for the opportunity to join the inaugural cohort of The WIT Network and ATHENA International Women in Technology Emerging Leaders Program. An in-depth exploration of the eight ATHENA principles of leadership with thought leaders and experts focused on developing the leadership skills of women like me sounded like it would be an incredible journey, and I was not disappointed. I absolutely loved this program. The session materials were compelling and thought-provoking, and the live discussion sessions with my fellow participants and our array of fascinating guest speakers were incredible. Getting to meet and talk to so many interesting and successful women was truly life-changing, and I would recommend this program to every woman who wants to add to her leadership toolbox. It is truly women helping women, which makes the work of The WIT Network and ATHENA International so inspiring and the Women in Technology Emerging Leaders Program such an amazing experience.”