Member Benefits

Join Global Chamber® to connect to customers, partners and resources to accelerate your business growth success. Our global team eases the pain of doing cross metro business, in your country and across borders.

Our reach extends to millions of connections in 525 metros to help you grow anywhere and everywhere. Membership in your home metro gives you access to trusted resources in every one of our metro areas.

Global Chamber® paid members receive:

  • Access opportunities across metros
  • Access trusted executives worldwide
  • Warm intros to customers and partners
  • Access VIP experiences, virtual events
  • Access Export Circles℠, Export Reach℠
  • Member discounts - events and services
  • Membership in the "global tribe"

Your specific benefits come directly from our Executive Directors, members, events, Virtual Groups and more.

  1. Access to trusted connections in 525 metros
  2. Access to the resources to grow, everywhere
  3. Hands on support including mentoring and more

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