Global Chamber Top 2014 Chamber Website

Global ChamberĀ®, US Chamber Cited "Best of" 2014

Published Thursday, December 18, 2014

New websites by the U.S. Chamber and the Global Chamber® have been named top Chamber websites for 2014.

"What makes these chamber websites "the best?" Stunning full-width photography, flat design, cool interactive effects, vibrant colors", said Jeff Kline, President of Accrinet, who blogs weekly on marketing for non-profits. "The Global Chamber website greets visitors with a stunning full-width image rotator. The long-scrolling homepage features animations, parallax effects, and color overlays."

Ironically it was Jeff's 2013 blog that got Global Chamber CEO thinking about talking with Accrinet.

"Last year I was impressed with several of the top 10 websites and used that list to contact 3 web companies who had delivered some of the top 10. Here we are a year later and we're at the top of this impressive list that includes the U.S. Chamber. We're pleased and honored. Plenty of hard work went into the site, and we continue to make it better daily."

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