Channel 11 Program on Global Chamber

Highlights of Recent Launch at Phoenix City Hall

Published Saturday, December 27, 2014

On November 5th, the Global Chamber launched from Phoenix City Hall.

City of Phoenix captured the event and has done a 30 minute program that captures the highlights.

Watch the Channel 11 program here: City of Phoenix Special Event

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Thank you to the global tribe in Arizona for supporting our growth for 7 years, and now as we launch to the world. Global Chamber is actively signing up members around the world to create a network of trusted business connections for executives to grow their business.

Our efforts aim to resolve the pains of growing globally... doing exporting, importing and investing faster, with less risk, and more certainty of success.

Speakers at the launch included:

Mayor Greg Stanton

Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber

Mike Patterson, Polsinelli

Mexico Consul General Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez

Lee Benson, Able Engineering and ETW

Sophia Ewing, Peace Corps

Maureen O'Brien, Musical Instrument Museum

Kyle Walker, Green Card Fund