Lee Benson with Exporting Insights Jan 5-9

Exporter of the Year Lee Benson Offers Helpful Tips

Published Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lee Benson is sitting down with us every day this week to offer tips on successful exporting.

He's CEO of Able Engineering, Able Aerospace and Execute to Win - and a past Exporter of the Year as named by the U.S. Commercial Service. He's a Diplomat Member of the Global Chamber, and one of the smartest and most successful executives in the United States.

Join us January 5th through 9th from anywhere in the world - and kick off the year with helpful tips on exporting.

It's totally free for members AND non-members of Global Chamber!


Monday, January 5th at 8am / Lee on Exporting: The Foundation / Click Here

- What have been the key factors to your exporting success?

- How do you put export plans together that people buy in to and execute?

- How did you decide which markets to go after?

- How do you measure success – at company, department and individual performer levels? How does that integrate, and how do you manage it?


Tuesday, January 6th at 8am / Lee on Exporting: Deciding to Export / Click Here

- How did you conclude that exporting would be important, and then how did you do it?

- What have been some of the good and not so good surprises with exporting along the way?

- In retrospect, how would you have done things differently?

- How do you ensure that your team is constantly seeking the best global opportunities?


Wednesday, January 7th at 8am / Lee on Exporting: In the Supply Chain / Click Here

- Could you explain what Able does and how you fit into the supply chain overall?

- What extra efforts have you had to make to ensure that you’ll be successful globally?

- Are there pressures from inside or outside the company to stay domestic, or are the competitive pressures global?

- How do you use those market forces to decide which opportunities to pursue and which to pass on?

- How have you been able to build credibility with big companies over the years as a smaller company from Arizona?


Thursday, January 8th at 8am / Lee on Exporting: Successful Exporting / Click Here

- What have you learned over the years about exporting that serve you well now, and that others can learn from?

- Specifically what tips do you have for others in manufacturing who are looking to grow their exporting success?

- Are there mistakes you’ve seen over the years that help guide you to do the right things now?


Friday, January 9th at 8am / Lee on Exporting: Starting Up at Tech Company / Click Here

- Can you tell us more about the Execute to Win technology start-up, endorsed by Jack Welch?

- Can you talk about how that endorsement has helped?

- How have you approached exporting of ETW, and how did your experiences with Able Engineering help guide how you decided to go to foreign markets?

- What tips do you have for tech companies as they look to enter foreign markets?