CEO Wendy Jameson: Export Tips

Successful Colnatec CEO Shares Tips on Exporting

Published Friday, January 16, 2015

CEO Wendy Jameson of Colnatec is sharing tips on successful exporting over 5 days in the next couple weeks.

Wendy is the award-winning CEO of Colnatec, a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative, high-performance sensors and electronic instrumentation.

Join us starting January 19th for a series of interviews on successful exporting.

The videos are free for members AND will be free to non-members of Global Chamber for the month of January.


Monday, January 19th at 8am / Wendy on Exporting: Success Factors / Click Here

- As a CEO you've been successful in regional and cross border expansion, particularly in Europe. What do you attribute your success?

- What have you found in Europe that has surprised you? What did you expect to see and saw plenty of it?

- What have been some of the greatest challenges in your cross border expansion in Europe? What tips do you have for others?

- Would you please contrast success factors for Europe versus other regions, including Asia?


Thursday, January 22nd at 8am / Wendy on Exporting: Listening to the Customer / Click Here

- As a CEO and marketer, you know the value of listening to the customer. How difficult and different is that for cross border growth, and in particular for the countries where you've been so successful?

- What have been some of the biggest surprises you've experienced in your success as you've listened to customers - perhaps some things that you didn't expect to see?

- How do you decide to keep the business model versus make local adjustments for the local market? Do you ever tweak the model in a specific country, and how do you decide?

- When you make adjustments, how do you go back and ensure that the global brand stays intact?


Monday, January 26th at 8am / Wendy on Exporting: Creating a Strong Foundation for Exporting / Click Here

- Congratulations on your exporting success. Let’s take a step back to the foundation of the success. What have been the key factors?

- How do you put export plans together that people buy in to and execute?

- How did you decide which markets to go after?

- How do you measure success – at company, department and individual performer levels? How does that integrate, and how do you manage it, including keeping up the momentum and focus?


Thursday, January 29th at 8am / Wendy on Exporting: Exporting and Marketing / Click Here

- As a successful CEO and CMO, how important is a good global marketing plan in cross border growth?

- What are key success factors for creating a strong global marketing plan?

- Marketers are looking to spend money to make money. Operational leaders are looking to control costs. How does this play out in a successful growth planning and execution?

- How do you develop and keep the brand promise for a strong brand across borders?


Monday, February 2nd at 8am / Wendy on Exporting: Making the Decision to Export / Click Here

- You made a decision to increase exports and you’ve been successful. Can you walk us through how you concluded that exporting would be important, and then how you did it?

- What have been some of the good and not so good surprises with exporting along the way?

- In retrospect, how would you have done things differently, if at all?

- How do you ensure that your team is constantly seeking the best global opportunities?