Hundreds of Interns Available Now

U.S. Companies May Access Foreign-based Interns Starting in May

Published Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Global Chamber is supporting internships by the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program in coordination with Arizona State University (ASU) to provide STEM-based students - primarily engineers - to US companies this summer. This internship program is one of several to be announced by Global Chamber over the next couple months.

There are more than 300 students eligible to be assigned to US companies thanks to sponsorship by the government of Brazil. ASU is the largest host university in the country for the program.

Most are engineering students (civil, electrical, chemical, aerospace, etc.), but they are also in other fields such as biological sciences, chemistry, computer science and architecture. 

The Global Chamber encourages members and related companies to find internships ("Academic Training") for these students during the summer of 2015—they can be either paid or unpaid. All visa administration, including work authorization, will be handled by the International Institute of Education in New York.  There is no fee or contract required on the part of the company.

These are among Brazil's best and brightest students. It's also a way for companies that are doing business with Brazil, or looking to do business in the future, to expand their reach.

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