Interns from Sweden for US Companies

Global ChamberĀ® Partners with Swedish American Chamber (SACC) for Novel Intern Program

Published Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Global Chamber® and Global Chamber® Phoenix have partnered with Swedish American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) and SACC Arizona on a novel intern program that connects Swedish college interns to U.S. companies, and manages both the search and the J1-Visa process.

Details of the program are now available, and a free initial informational meeting is being held on Monday, March 23rd, 8-10am at Bryan Cave Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Companies unable to attend may send an e-mail and we will follow-up with more information,

Click here to RSVP for the March 23rd event: Info and Register to Attend in Person.

Click here to RSVP for the online call: Click Here for the Online Call.

As a member of SACC Arizona and Global Chamber®, your company can utilize this intern program as a tool in developing your international business activities utilizing skilled Swedish University Students in diverse fields. Trainees educated within the highly regarded Swedish educational system bring expertise within their academic field along with an intimate knowledge of the Swedish and European market, language skills and cross-cultural knowledge.

The keynote speaker at the event on March 23rd will be Cecilia Kullman, SACC Trainee Program Director, Washington D.C. Cecelia has been operating the program in previous years, but this year through this partnership, more companies will have access to interns.

The event will include a Q/A session with the keynote speaker and Doug Bruhnke, CEO, Global Chamber, as the facilitator. During the afternoon Cecilia Kullman will be available for private discussions regarding your trainee opportunities. 

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) J1-Visa Trainee Program is vital to the SACC chambers mission of facilitating trade, commerce and investment between Sweden and the U.S. As a J-1 visa sponsor designated by the U.S. Department of State, SACC assists with:

  • J-1 visa service for Swedish employees or business partners coming to the U.S. on training assignments up to 18 months

  • J-1 visa service for U.S. companies which have made an offer of training to an intern/trainee from Sweden
  • Matchmaking between U.S. companies and trainee candidates, followed by our J-1 visa service

The program assists with both the search for intern candidates and the J-1 visa application process.