Global Chamber & AIESEC Partnering on Interns

More Companies Around the World Will Gain Access to Interns from Around the World, Accelerating Globalization

Published Thursday, March 26, 2015

AIESEC at Arizona State is announcing a new collaboration between AIESEC, which has global headquarters in New York, and the Global Chamber®, which has global headquarters at ASU SkySong, to provide interns from around the world to companies looking to globalize.

With AIESEC now an official member of Global Chamber®, the worldwide organization now has the opportunity to connect their services to members of the Global Chamber® in 500 metropolitan areas around the world. Global Chamber® is an organization dedicated to helping companies grow more successfully across borders. Members of Global Chamber will now have access to AIESEC’s international talent sourcing to fulfill their staffing needs.

"The partnership between AIESEC and the Global Chamber® provides businesses with the opportunity to acquire talented young professionals with work experience from top universities around the world who understand the markets that matter to them. Our interns provide specific cultural, regional, and language understandings required to do business in all areas of the world,” said Tanner Swanson, the Vice President of Business Development at AIESEC Arizona State.

“Interns from other countries bring a fresh perspective including new market opportunities and better ways to capture them. Global Chamber® has been enriched by the contributions of interns from Brazil and the Philippines, and we encourage companies going global to tap in to international interns as well,” added Doug Bruhnke, CEO and Founder of Global Chamber®.

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