Global Chamber Kathmandu Safe and Sound

Bishal Dahal of Global Chamber Kathmandu Is Helping with Earthquake Relief Efforts

Published Sunday, April 26, 2015

The world has been been watching the news from Nepal regarding the massive earthquake with an epicenter between Pohkara and Kathmandu that has ravaged Nepal and parts of China and India. Over 2,000 people have died at the time of this posting, and our hearts are with the Nepalese people in this time of need.

One piece of positive news for us has been word from Bishal Dahal of Global Chamber Kathmandu, who is safe - along with his family and friends. He is working diligently to help the survivors - with noodles, food, tents and other necessities. Many people in the region are sleeping outside to stay away from buildings as the aftershocks continue.

There are several ways to help people in Nepal. We recommend donating to UNESCO, UNISEF or Global Giving. The United Nations is very active in the region as well.

In addition our Executive Director Bishal is helping people directly... and so if you donate from our site your contribution will be wired this week to Bishal who will use 100% of the money to help the people needing support

The rebuilding process now will be long and arduous, but Global Chamber and Global Chamber Kathmandu will be there to help with trade and commerce related support.