Fred Hochberg, Chairman of the Ex-Im Bank

Global Chamber Is Partnering and Participating in Two Events May 6th with Mr. Hochberg

Published Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Global Chamber is not political in any way, but we are supportive of activities by businesses and government officials to grow trade. 

For instance trade deals are almost always good... even though in the short-term they can cause dislocation and change as jobs shift country-to-country, and between companies within countries. Change is not always bad... and those actions that tear down walls to trade move things forward overall over time.

Another supportive activity by most major countries is reducing risk of exporting by their companies. The Ex-Im Bank of the United States helps U.S. businesses expand their manufacturing capacity and exporting ability, which in turn creates jobs and grows our economy. The Ex-Im Bank fills gaps in private financing, stepping up where the private sector can’t or won’t.

For example, from 2007 to 2014, the Ex-Im Bank supported $658 million in exports from Arizona companies. Recently Rep. Kyrsten Sinema wrote an article in the Global Chamber section of In Business Magazine supporting re-authorization. Ex-Im Bank was reauthorized, but it faces another upcoming hurdle with Congress. Read more here.

In support of Ex-Im Bank activities on behalf of U.S. exporters, Global Chamber Tucson is partnering on a breakfast with the U.S. Global Leadership Council (USGLC) on May 6th in Tucson, Arizona. We're pleased to help host Chairman Fred Hochberg at that event.

A few hours later staff at our Global Chamber headquarters is attending an afternoon event in Phoenix, Arizona. We join exporters and those who understand international business to support activities that grow trade, including Ex-Im Bank.

If you're interested in attending the Tucson breakfast, contact me, Doug Bruhnke - or sign-up here.

We encourage all Global Chamber members and others to support actions that lead to more free trade.