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Eight New Articles by the Global ChamberĀ® Published "In Business"

Published Saturday, May 2, 2015

The May issue of In Business Magazine is out today, and there are eight new articles on global business in our eight page section, along with some other treats.

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This month Arielle Cottrell writes about our 500 metro reach, and on globalizing your company through interns. Are you located anywhere in the world and want access to interns from anywhere in the world? Tap in to our partner AIESEC and learn more about how to access global interns here.

Also this month Don Henninger shares information on Export Circles℠ - rolling out in Phoenix and in a dozen metros around the world. Watch for one in your area soon, and contact us for more information on this service for members who are experienced exporters.

Dakota Drake writes about making global connections and a unique program by the Global Chamber for members called "League of Extraordinaries"... only extraordinary executives need apply! 'Connections' can be a fuzzy concept, but we make it sharp, fun and valuable.

Finally Doug Bruhnke writes on some global business topics including how global travel and business make you more creative... as if you needed another excuse to take your business global! There's also information on FDI - and how a focus by communities on investment can lead to more exports.


May 2015 Articles on Global Business:

Globalize Your Company through Interns - Arielle Cottrell

Making Global Connections Work - Dakota Drake

Discover Global Markets - Doug Bruhnke

Why Foreign Direct Investment Matters - Doug Bruhnke

Going Global Makes You More Creative - Doug Bruhnke

League of Extraordinaries - Dakota Drake

More Global Success via Export Circles - Don Henninger

500 Metros, Unlimited Possibilities - Arielle Cottrell


Even More Global Business Articles "In Business":

Articles by Contributors from Global Chamber - Various


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Special thanks to Rick McCartney, Publisher of In Business Magazine, who has the vision to include global business topics. Thank you, Rick!