Global Chamber Phoenix Business Awards

Nine Global Leaders and Organizations Were Recognized this Week with Awards

Published Friday, June 19, 2015

This week at the Grow Globally Fair Phoenix, Global Chamber Phoenix announced the 2015 recipients of global business awards.

Special thanks to the event sponsors Polsinelli and APL Logistics.


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The winners...

Global Business Executive of the Year: Melissa Sanderson, Freeport McMoRan (Presented by Glenn Hamer, Arizona Chamber)

Diplomat of the Year: Consul General Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez (Presented by Mike Patterson, Polsinelli)

Global Business Reporter of the Year: Eric Toll, Phoenix Business Journal (Presented by Mike Patterson, Polsinelli)

Global Business Service Provider of the Year: Keith Galbut, Galbut & Galbut (Presented by Don Henninger, Global Chamber and DH Advisors)



Global Non-Profit Executive of the Year: Kyle Moyer, Kyle Moyer & Company (Presented by Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber)

Global Government Leader of the Year: Hank Marshall, City of Phoenix (Presented by Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber)

Global City of the Year: City of Phoenix (Accepted by Michelle Pierson and presented by Rick Murray, ASBA (Arizona Small Business Association))

Global Business of the Year: Green Card Fund, led by Kyle Walker (Accepted by Rudy Vetter, presented by Keith Galbut, Galbut & Galbut)

Global Education Leader of the Year: Dr. Michael Crow, ASU (Presented by Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber)



Congratulations global leaders!

And City of Phoenix!!

Read more in today's Phoenix Business Journal - print and online.

Watch for annual global business awards in your metro.

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