Global Chamber Landing in Havana Cuba

Opening Cuban Market Creates Opportunities for Investors and Exporters Worldwide

Published Monday, July 6, 2015

Global Chamber® is dedicated to creating more business connections around the world, believing that more cross-border business lowers borders and with time improves the lives and lifestyles of people. We view the opening of the Cuba market in the same way... as a huge opportunity to create more lasting collaboration, cooperation and wealth.

"We view the opening of the US-Cuba market as an opportunity for people on all sides of the relationship to better understand, grow wealth and improve the lives of people," said Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder of Global Chamber®. "Some want to consider the change as a win or a loss by one or the other side, and we don't think that's a useful characterization. Our feeling is that it's a win-win-win... for the U.S., for Cuba and for the world."

And so Global Chamber® is announcing the adding of an Executive Director in Havana. Our Executive Directors in 500 metros around the world help facilitate global trade.

Havana has always been on the metro list for the organization. Now Global Chamber® is accelerating the search for a talented, global business savvy leader.

Read more about who we're looking for here: Executive Director in Havana.

"Havana, here we come," said Bruhnke. "It's time for early adopters to jump in. Our efforts will create an even more lasting connection between the US and Cuba."

There are at least 5 ways that the U.S.-Cuba reawakening helps small business and small business owners.

1) Travel to Cuba. At last Americans can legally travel to Cuba, and other Caribbean Island nations are a little fearful of traffic shifting to Cuba. But hopefully more will travel to each country including Cuba, and enjoy the travel and potential business opportunities.

2) More Chances to Export. The initial activities will allow Cuban residents to access lower-priced materials from the U.S. Some of the early opportunity includes 'certain building materials for private residential construction, goods for use by private-sector Cuban entrepreneurs, and agricultural equipment for small farmers.' Much more to come!

3) More Chances to Invest. Many of the investment opportunities will be limited until the U.S. Congress more fully lifts the trade embargo. We suggest you let your Representative and Senator know that you support trade and the opening of more cross border business opportunities.

4) Telecommunications Opportunities. An early investment opportunity is in telecommunications. The Obama administration is allowing U.S. telecommunications providers to establish infrastructure to offer commercial telecommunications and Internet services in Cuba. Again more to follow.

5) Business Consulting. With the White House Executive Order, U.S. citizens are allowed to provide business training to private Cuban businesses and small farmers.



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