Global Chamber Makes Collaboration History

Phoenicians Committee Collaborates with an Outside Organization for the First Time in Over 40 Years

Published Sunday, September 20, 2015

Global Chamber is the ONLY organization in the world that supports companies everywhere to grow across EVERY border, while collaborating with EVERY organization that is serious about helping their members grow, including internationally. Last week we made history by collaborating with a very special organization.

The Phoenicians is a committee within the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce that has been around for 70 years. Yes, seven zero! So when our chapter in Phoenix was approached to do a global business event with them a few months back, we were honored.

The Phoenix Chamber and the City of Phoenix are both serious about helping their companies grow locally, nationally and globally... for a long time! The current CEO of the Phoenix Chamber is Todd Sanders, who himself was born outside the U.S. in Columbia. His international experience enriches the region.

The Phoenicians are a unique, high level committee of the Phoenix Chamber that gets involved in special business opportunities. Honestly though many of the members are not global, and don't need to be. And yet Global Chamber is all about international business... it's the beginning, middle and end of every day for us. And so collaboration is a natural.

Thanks for Dave Binsfeld of General Southwest Insurance IN PARTICULAR for being a member of both organizations, and 'getting it'.

Global Chamber Phoenix worked with Phoenicians leadership to set up a tour of regional international business locations related to technology, aviation and aerospace. We started with a visit to Skysong - global headquarters of Global Chamber - and continued on to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, and Able Aerospace and Able Engineering. Able and their CEO Lee Benson is a recent recipient of Exporter of the Year, with 40% of sales being exports.

It was a wonderful event!

You can see pictures here on the Facebook page for Global Chamber Phoenix. Watch for an upcoming blog post on Lee Benson's presentation. It included regional business leaders plus government leaders like Arizona State Senator Bob Worsley - former owner of the magazine Skymall - and U.S. Representative Kyrsten Sinema's office.

During the event we heard just how unique the event was!

The Phoenicians members were thinking about when the last time they collaborated with another group on an event like this was. The 1960's? Maybe the '70's? It was probably with the City of Tucson or Tucson Chamber, someone pointed out. Either way - whether it was 40 or 50 years ago, we work on getting Global Chamber involved in all sorts of positive activities with regional organizations to support our members, and expose members of other organizations to global opportunities.

It's the way we roll! Read more on how how we collaborate to win HERE.

In Arizona Global Chamber Phoenix and Global Chamber Tucson, and our headquarter Global Chamber in Scottsdale, collaborate with every metro area, every Chamber, regional economic groups like Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) and Maricopa Association of Government (MAG), and dozens more. We're building that same collaboration model out to all the metro areas that we serve and plan to serve - over 500 around the world.

We even work with organizations that are not very strong internationally including the Arizona Commerce Authority, depleted of international talent over the past years as the state suffered with a Governor (Brewer) with little interest or skill in international diplomacy or business. Nonetheless we brought in a group of global business leaders to that group to discuss rebranding the state more positively for the international business audience. Even though they didn't act, a new Governor (Ducey) came on board, and he took our advice.

We care about global business, and we care about the communities we serve. And we believe that collaboration is key.

It takes a village.

And sometimes it quite literally takes the village, or the town, or the city, and the metro - to make the difference when other parties don't step up. Or key organizations that could help are focused on other things besides global business. We'll be there in the gaps for companies... from the Americas, to Asia, Africa, Europe and around the world.

Thank you Greater Phoenix Chamber for collaborating with us last week! And thank you to the hundreds and perhaps thousands of cities, metros, states and chambers worldwide that are working with Global Chamber - 32 metro areas so far - on the way to 525.

Today we're more vision that reality, but reality is growing every day, in every corner of the world!

To our friends around the world, grow globally!

Let's work together to help companies grow cross border.