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Global ChamberĀ® Is Hiring at Headquarters, Seeking Executive Directors in 500 Metros Worldwide

Published Sunday, November 15, 2015

To support the rapid growth of Global Chamber® chapters worldwide, our headquarters at Skysong is hiring.

We're looking for team members with operations, training and marketing experience to support the growth of our members and Executive Directors around the world. Read below to see if you could be a fit for our globally-skilled, entrepreneurial and diverse team.

We have an global culture that rewards action, responsiveness and teamwork.

In operations we're looking for one or more staff members preferably near Scottsdale to support the development of world-class operational excellence that helps our members and Executive Directors leading chapter development worldwide be successful. Read more HERE.

In marketing we're looking for one or more staff members preferably near Scottsdale or Washington, DC to support the next level of marketing excellence to share the word about Global Chamber, including helping Executive Directors launch and growth their chapters worldwide. Read more HERE.

For Global Chamber® chapters around the world, our goal was 30 this year and we're on target to do 40... ahead of schedule!! And now we're getting better at finding Executive Directors to run chapters and training them on launching and growing a chapter. We just need more help to further improve the process.

We're growing to over 500 chapters in the next several years. If you're a globally-savvy business person who is operationally excellent, can sell, is good at marketing, is consultative and a global team-player... being an Executive Director in a metro region around the world could be a PERFECT fit.

Read more HERE about becoming an Executive Director in any metro region around the world, and contact Doug Bruhnke with your Linkedin profile and background.

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