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Global Chamber Chapters, Members and Supporters Now in Every Country

Published Saturday, February 6, 2016

Global Chamber® is the first chamber of commerce focused on growing cross-border trade and investment in a collaborative way across 500 metro areas around the world. We connect members of Global Chamber® to new business opportunities so that they grow more rapidly across borders, with less risk.

We're pleased to announce that we now have chapters, members and supporters in over 500 metros, and in every country. Our expansion has been steady in 2015 and is beginning to accelerate in 2016 as local chapters are forming worldwide. Read more about our active on the ground activities HERE.

In addition we've formed virtual communities for our members to connect worldwide in areas of interest for their business. Watch for more information in the coming weeks, and when you're a member you can join communities HERE.

Joining Global Chamber® connects you and your team to the 'global tribe' and helps accelerates global business success. Our team eases the pain of doing cross border business and accelerates you and your team's success.

Do business in one metro? Join a local chamber. Do business in multiple metros? Join us!

Global Chamber® paid members receive:

  • Access to opportunities across metros
  • Access to executives in global business
  • Warm intros to customers and partners
  • Access to Export Circles℠, Export Reach℠
  • Access to VIP experiences, virtual events
  • Access to people and info to grow faster
  • Cross border consulting and mentoring
  • Member discounts - events, services, more
  • Satisfaction from being ahead of the curve
  • Membership in the "global tribe"

For more information, contact our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona USA or any of our chapters around the world.

Are you a potential member, sponsor or collaborator? Welcome!



Global Chamber® is a thriving and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and professionals in 500 metros taking on the world of global business. For more information on the Global Chamber® and membership, please visit