Global Chamber is ahead of schedule in our growth plan.

We need to be, because more and more companies are starting to 'get it' - the need to grow globally.

84% of global business opportunities in the next 5 years will be outside the U.S., and so Global Chamber® is planning 90% of our growth there. Today 50% of our chapters are in the U.S. because that was easier to do in the beginning, and now we're on every continent and increasingly, our new chapters are setting up all over the world... like Madrid, Accra & Abuja this month.

Global Chamber® is the only organization in the world that helps companies grow from anywhere to everywhere while collaborating with every organization. From our locations on every continent we help businesses, investors and service providers grow and succeed faster across borders, with lower risk.

Global Chamber® is the first chamber of commerce focused on growing cross-border trade and investment in a collaborative way across 500 metro areas around the world. We're humbled by support of the Global Tribe.

Thanks for understanding how important global growth is. Let's grow together.

We're updating our 58 metro chapters HERE soon. Don't see your metro? Blink and we'll be there!

We're adding up to 10 metros per month, and our Regional Desks cover the globe.

For more information on how we can help you grow, contact us.