Global Chamber Adding Executive Directors Worldwide

We're Looking for Talented Global Leaders Dedicated to Success of Companies in their Region

Published Friday, June 10, 2016

Global Chamber® does business in over 500 metropolitan areas around the world, and we continue to seek Executive Directors in all those areas to work with local executives and organizations to help them grow globally.

Our team has grown to over 65 chapters... click for active chapters and regional desks.

Here's more info on who we seek. We're looking for Executive Directors with these 6 characteristics.

1) Global Business - They've been there, done that (global business), and are ready to take the next steps in their regional and global leadership.

2) Connected Connectors - They are well connected in business and the community, and they are adept at connecting people to the right other people.

3) Consultative Facilitators - They know how to ask questions and learn more. They don't always have THE answer, but they have an idea of who might.

4) Operationally Sound - They can run a business, a project and an initiative effortlessly. They know how to prioritize, lead and get things done, no excuses.

5) Sales Savvy - They are comfortable with selling - it's part of their DNA. When they believe in something important, selling it to others is a natural action.

6) Leaders - The are able to have companies, communities and global career-seekers be inspired by their message to go global, while helping them tangibly grow.


Our best Executive Directors are smart, nimble, entrepreneurial, honest, globally-minded, collaborative, consultative and organized team players and leaders.

Interested to learn more? We're looking for Executive Directors, Members and Sponsors worldwide. Join us - contact me, Doug Bruhnke.

Here's more info.

Our Executive Directors are tasked to support our global growth mission, and specifically to…

  • Find and grow the pool of members, sponsors and collaborators
  • Facilitate discussions to help executives find new opportunities and grow globally
  • Connect members and sponsors with opportunities to grow globally
  • Work with the Global Chamber® and regional locations to share and collaborate
  • Collect and share information from partners on growing business globally
  • Produce and share articles and videos of successful leaders on ‘how to’
  • Create and communicate seminars with CEO’s on cross border business topics
  • Create and communicate events that gather like-minded global business leaders
  • Communicate cross border opportunities to accelerate engagement and success
  • Support regional global initiatives that move things forward locally and globally
  • Facilitate connections to leaders and resources, helping to accelerate global growth
  • Create and communicate internships, contracts and jobs that tie people to opportunities
  • Collaborate locally and globally with like-minded global leaders and organizations


Our regional leaders are talented, positive, collaborative, accountable and globally-minded. They are leading the launch and growth of the Global Chamber® in their region and the world, connecting people and initiatives to get more people in business, government, non-profits and education more engaged and successful with global business.

An Executive Director at the Global Chamber®…

  • Has extensive global business experience, passion and expertise
  • Has a positive, collaborative mindset and appreciates that it takes a village to grow globally
  • Has been in the region for at least 5 years, and has an extensive professional network
  • Is responsive with a 24/7 global mind set, always finding new opportunities and connections
  • Is a member of several regional organizations in leadership roles
  • Has strong sales, marketing, business and consultative skills
  • Is interested in travel, food, culture and other global pleasures
  • Is an extravert with a positive personality and excellent communication skills
  • Has experience bridging business to education and government
  • Wants to change the world for the better
  • Is well-organized and can multi-task
  • Is a natural connector and builder
  • Seeks opportunities to have impact locally and globally

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