Global Chamber Growing Members to 195 Countries

When You're Ready for that 1st, 2nd or 3rd Country Connection , or Your 50th

Published Friday, June 17, 2016

Global Chamber is built for companies seeking growth in more than one metro area. And more than one, two or three countries.

Do business in only one metro? Your local chamber awaits you!

We're the first chamber of commerce with multiple locations growing in 500 metro areas around the world, while collaborating and working with everyone.

Because it takes a village to help companies grow from their home town to point A, then point B and beyond.

So as we grow beyond our first 25 countries, this week we added new members in countries like Myanmar, Brunei and Vietnam because the future of business is being THERE, and everywhere.

A survey of small businesses in the UK showed that 40% want to be global within 5 years. Beautiful... we can help!

85% of the economic growth in the next 5 years will be outside the U.S. Beautiful... most of our growth in the next few years is outside the U.S.!

We're not about companies in only one country...we work with all. We have connections to millions of executives in 195 countries.

Our members are doing cross border business every day, under the radar screen. Diligently working their best ideas and network to optimize success. 

Our member success stories happening every day at Global Chamber are usually related to an additional good connection or two across metros that open a door or two to new opportunities. A warm intro from Kathmandu to Dubai, Dallas to Port of Spain, Moscow to Madrid, Tokyo to Abuja... whatever it takes.

We've create a unique global network for executives who value getting business done effectively, and with lower risk.

Contact us to learn more, make more connections, find more opportunities, and grow.