Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu on Trade

Mexico's Madame Secretary Discusses How Business Leaders Can Help Simplify a Complex Topic

Published Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Global Chamber® was pleased to participate with a dozen bi-national leaders over lunch with Mexico's Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu. Thank you to Consul General Roberto Rodriguez for the invitation.

Attendees included the CEO of Swift Transportation Jerry Moyes, CEO of Plaza Companies Sharon Harper, and and founder/president of Reliance Wire & Cable Lorena Valencia.

Madame Secretary wished to hear the ideas of the group on how to continue and expand trade progress especially in these times when there are anti-trade forces more active and vocal.

Some of our throughts....

  • Work with the young... they get it! They understand that progress requires change, and they're open to it.
  • Have a strategy to clearly and simply communicate the value of trade. Be in front of the media, and communicate effectively.
  • Create strong alliances and cooperation between business and government. Work together to communicate the benefits.

Secretary Massieu called on the business community to do our part to communicate the value of bi-national trade. The press and the public can latch on some key dramatic issue and lose touch with the overall importance of trade.

We need to speak out. Explain trade to those who don't understand that it brings value to communities.

If we're just trading within a community, it doesn't bring any additional money IN. We need to export, attract tourists, attract investment... to bring in NEW money to build roads, schools and more.

The benefits of trade.. more jobs, better security, helping families.

Following our meeting, Madame Secretary joined the 'Three Amigos Summit" in Canada.

Global Chamber is working with Promexico on future events and trade missions to further cross border successes.

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