Simplifying Global Payroll for Faster Global Growth

Partners with Global ChamberĀ® Overcome Cross Border Challenges and Risks

Published Monday, September 19, 2016

We're dedicated to surrounding our members with ALL the resources needed to grow, and all the connections needed to create revenue and profitability.

One example of resources you need to grow across borders is payroll management. It can get pretty complicated. For small and mid-sized businesses, that's a real challenge.

Welcome Blue Marble Global Payroll! They make it easier for SMEs and larger firms, too with a streamlined and consolidated payroll solution. They've partnered with leading providers around the globe to offer a more unified solution for processing payroll internationally. Rather than struggling with unrelated solutions in multiple countries, Blue Marble provides businesses with a single, unified source for aggregated reporting, consolidated billing and treasury management.

Global Chamber® is pleased to announce that Blue Marble now a member and sponsor... with a growth focus on 5 primary cities... San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City and Chicago. As we both grow, there will be more metros!

And you're welcome to learn more wherever you are! Keep reading for more information.

Blue Marble Payroll was founded in 2013 by a team of industry professionals instrumental in creating one of the leading payroll and HR providers in the United States. The firm believes in “Unifying the World of Payroll”, and their mission is to help small and mid-sized companies streamline international payroll processes.

The firm uses a similar success formula internationally to what led to its success in the United States, providing industry-leading technology backed by exceptional service at a reasonable cost. That's a hard formula to argue with!

From A to Z, Argentina to Zimbabwe, the Blue Marble cloud-based payroll solution makes it easier for small- and mid-sized companies to manage international payroll in over 135 countries. While you’re busy conquering the world, Blue Marble makes sure your international employees are paid accurately, on time and in full compliance with complex, country-specific laws and regulations.

The Blue Marble technology platform in combination with strategic partnerships helps register companies abroad, establishes banking in new countries, provides in-country benefits and accounting services, automates time collection, calculates complex foreign accrual and helps recruit overseas talent. That includes conducting background screening, onboarding international employees, procuring the right performance management and establishing the correct global HRIS systems to get better visibility into your global staff, travel and expenses.

There has never been a better time to expand globally. Blue Marble makes it easy.

"We look forward to the collaboration," said Victor Lobo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Blue Marble Payroll.

"We are pleased to support our global tribe with a proven service to accelerate their growth," said Doug Bruhnke, CEO of Global Chamber®

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