Global Chamber Growing Worldwide... Including Asia

New Agreements in Indonesia and Across Asia Keep Global ChamberĀ® in 525 Metros

Published Friday, October 14, 2016

We're pleased to announce that Global Chamber® continues to grow throughout the world by adding chapters and growing our business team, on the way to fully covering 525 metros, in every country. We're ahead of target!

New agreements this month include a partnership with social impactors between Indonesia the world.

HIPMI - Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia - and Global Chamber have agreed to a work together to build Global Chamber® member connectivity with every corner of Indonesia, to the world.

We seek economic empowerment, deeper engagement and connectivity to leaders on key regional and global challenges. Companies across the global will now have better access to Indonesian exports and imports. And we are building more bridges to encourage foreign direct investment in Indonesia and back to countries worldwide.

Thank you Bahlil Lahadalia, Chairman of HIPMI, for working with us. We're honored.

Other countries where we're growing right now besides Indonesia including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, Pakistan, China, Australia and many more!

Grow globally through Global Chamber®.

Lower the risk of global business, and have more fun, too!


From: Doug Bruhnke

Global Chamber®, Founder/CEO