Global Chamber 2016 Highlights and Next

Progress in Growing and Supporting the Global Tribe

Published Saturday, December 31, 2016

We're growing to help our members grow to the world!

2016 was an exciting year... and here are some highlights.

1) Members Connecting Globally. Throughout the year Global Chamber® has grown around the world including Asia (pictured). Our global tribe has grown from 8,000 to 33,000... and our metro reach has grown from 25 to 120.

One of the most pleasant developments from our growth this year has been members reaching out to chapters worldwide, and connecting. One example was a group of member companies from Global Chamber® Albuquerque led by Terry McMains who visited Global Chamber® Tokyo led by Nobuo Yoneyama. The delegation included companies in a variety of segments including technology, retail and manufacturing. They were directed to partners and prospective customers in a new market for their businesses. Pictured here is the monument sign for member Squire Patton Boggs in Ebisu, Tokyo, near Global Chamber® Tokyo. We make it easier for members to connect worldwide.


2) Professional Fellows from Laos, Indonesia and Russia. Global Chamber® was selected to host four professional fellows from Asia and Europe. They each worked at our global headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, and each has assisted in our global roll-out.

One of the educational events that we put together to include the fellows was this one at member BMO Harris Bank, who hosted a discussion of banking and business overall in Laos and Indonesia. This picture here shows, from the right, Kim Bridges, head of marketing and communications at Global Chamber® and Kevin Hull, Senior Relationship Manager at BMO Harris. To the left of Kevin are our two first fellows... Nia Febriyanti of Danamon Bank of Indonesia, and Chansamai Phommachan of Laos Ministry of Planning and Industry. Each have become Global Advisors for Global Chamber in their respective metros.. Jakarta and Vientiane. Read more from Chansamai about their visit.


3) Grow Globally Fair - Multiple Metros. Global Chamber® events offer members and non-member attendees the chance to connect regionally and globally. One of our favorite events is 'Grow Globally Fair', now held in chapters around the world. And in 2016, the first one outside of Arizona was held in Texas.

Korina Smith of Global Chamber® Dallas (second from right) led a successful Grow Globally Fair at Tower at Cityplace. The event included global awards including 'Global City of the Year'... Frisco, Texas. Congratulations to Frisco and all the winners.

The 2017 Grow Globally Fair Dallas has already been scheduled - and watch for more at from Executive Director Korina Smith of Global Chamber® Dallas and Grow Globally Fairs in chapters around the world - helping members connect to regional and global growth opportunities.


4) Members and Sponsors - Multiple Metros. Global Chamber® is honored to work with global companies who are members and sponsors in multiple metros...  like Blue Marble Global Payroll. Blue Marble is HQ'd in Chicago and helps companies grow around the world. Here their team is shown at a Global Chamber® event in 2016. Besides events, a special way we help sponsors is to connect them with prospects who can benefit from their services.

How we have been working with Blue Marble is a blueprint for how we are dedicated to supporting members and sponsors. Originally Chris Scalisi who leads our Buffalo, New York chapter contacted them, and then we involved both our Chicago chapter and San Francisco chapter. Ultimately Global Chamber® San Francisco Executive Director Henry Ines led bringing on Blue Marble as a member/sponsor in 5 metro cities, and now each of our metro leaders for those, with support from Global Chamber® headquarters, is supporting the success of Blue Marble with our members and beyond.


5) Expanding to 525 Metros. Global Chamber® continues our global reach... here setting up our relationship with HIPMI for Global Chamber® Jakarta and across Indonesia. From Accra to Zagreb, our global tribe of 33,000 is everywhere, and we help our members grow to anywhere.

Our reach extends to millions of connections in 525 metros to help members grow. Membership gives access to trusted resources in every one of our metro areas. Global Chamber® connect members to customers, partners and resources to accelerate business growth success. Our global team eases the pain of doing cross metro and cross border business.


6) Global Webinars. Global Chamber® expanded global webinars in 2016, like this one (left) featuring global experts on public speaking in today's cross border world. The webinar was held by Tatiana Nikishina, Global Chamber® New York City Executive Director, and it was moderated by Patty Azar, host of The Magnificent Leader.

Every month you can access a variety of webinars from the comfort of your smart phone, tablet or laptop on how to be more successful with your global business growth. Avoid the pitfalls, and grow faster... with Global Chamber® webinars and those of our collaborators.


7) Global Partnerships. Global Chamber® became aligned with many new organizations across the globe in 2016. We were particularly proud to become a partner of U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). Twenty five Global Chamber® metro chapters became officially part of the USTDA 'Making Global Local' Initiative. As part of the initiative, we're assisting USTDA to connect U.S. exporters to opportunities in other countries.

From USTDA, to Export-Import Bank of the United States... to associations, chambers and trade and development agencies worldwide... our focus is collaborating with all organizations to help companies and communities to grow globally.


8) Growth in Africa. In 2016 we found that countries that are experiencing more rapid, entrepreneurial growth are a perfect fit for Global Chamber®. That is particularly true in Africa - where we have 15 Executive Directors and Global Advisors who are doing global business every day, in and out of Africa.

Global Chamber® is now on every continent to assist members to grow everywhere.

As we move into 2017, our global trade experts and contacts - the global tribe - help members grow to the world. Executive Directors, Global Advisors and our Regional Desks find ways to make global growth easier.


9) Connections in 195 Countries. In 2016 Global Chamber® chapters led dozens of events with regional international leaders. For example, Jeff Campos, Executive Director of Global Chamber® Denver hosted a very special event with the Consular Corps of Colorado and other international organizations in a celebration of global business.

Global Chamber® is a thriving and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metros growing business. We're the first and only organization helping companies grow globally, and that collaborates with all organizations.


10) Entrepreneurs, Europe and the Caribbean. Global Chamber® Trinidad & Tobago and Caribbean leader Ty Richardson attended SLUSH in Helsinki, pictured here with entrepreneur author Howard Love. We're everywhere to help our members grow everywhere.

Entrepreneurs are a great fit for Global Chamber® because they often have the flexibility and resilience to grow globally. They just need a hand... to have the right resources surrounding them, and access to partners, distributors and customers in metros around and world.



Thank you to all the members and sponsors of Global Chamber®! You keep us inspired to keep growing and connecting.

The new year has us growing from 120 metro areas to over 200... on the way to 525 in 2020. Our reach already extends to everywhere in the world with tens of millions of contacts to help our members grow globally. We'll keep working hard to continue to expand our reach and capabilities.

Happy 2017!

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