Growing in 525 Metros with over 10 Million Connections

Global Chamber Members Are Growing from their HQ Metro to Metros Across the World

Published Sunday, February 26, 2017

Global Chamber® continues to grow across the globe by adding chapters and growing our business team, on the way to fully covering 525 metros, in every country. We now have Executive Directors or Global Advisors in 132 metros, and connections everywhere.

We have grown from only 3 metros from our humble beginnings in November, 2014, 27 months ago. We're still humble and growing!

Our network has grown to over 10 million connections, supporting our members as they grow from their main metro to other metros and across borders. We're growing to help our members venture forward more successfully.

Every month we have Executive Directors going through training and then ramping up their metro chapters. Chapters are starting on nearly every continent... North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Nearly all new opportunities - over 99% - are outside your home metro... and so Global Chamber® has been designed to help companies grow in other metros... in their country and beyond. Read more.

It has never been more important for those involved with global business to take action on growing their business. And we're able to make unique connections in other metros and countries that make a positive difference. For example, read more.

We work with our members to advance economic empowerment, deeper engagement and connectivity for leaders to grow their business. Companies across the globe gain access to new markets through our global network.

Grow globally through Global Chamber®. Lower the risk of global business... and gain access to opportunities hidden to nearly all other businesses.


From: Doug Bruhnke

Global Chamber®, Founder/CEO