Expanding Trade Opportunities in the Caribbean

Global ChamberĀ® Growing in 24 Locations Across the Region

Published Sunday, March 26, 2017 9:00 am

Global Chamber® is a worldwide business-support organization helping leaders, companies and communities grow through successful cross-border trade and investment. It continues to expand reach around the world, on the way to fully covering 525 metros.

Global Chamber® is now located in seven Caribbean-area locations, building to 24 regional metros. Trinidad and Tobago (Global Chamber® regional headquarters since 2015) is now joined by Guyana, Suriname, Antigua, Cuba, Barbados and Belize. Global Chamber® Caribbean region covers metros in Florida and Latin America representing emerging markets more ready than ever to do business with the world.

“The Caribbean represents the next frontier for capital investment, a growing source of talent and an opportunity for companies in other parts of the world to access resources, raw materials, and services to grow their business in today’s global marketplace,” says Dr. Ty Richardson, Global Chamber® Executive Director for this region.

“Global Chamber® represents not just an opportunity to connect the world with the Caribbean, but to connect Caribbean countries with each other, helping increase regional trade, which has been a challenge for early-stage producers across the Caribbean.”

"We're pleased to see both the interest and expansion across the region," says Doug Bruhnke, CEO and Founder of Global Chamber®, “Now the Caribbean will be better tied in to our global network which bodes well for importing, exporting, foreign direct investment, tourism and trade. Overall we're helping member companies and communities grow in their metro, across metros, across borders and around the world, providing warm connections in 525 metros that lead to more business opportunities."

About Global Chamber®

Global Chamber® is a thriving and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions taking on the world of global business. Our millions of trusted resources, followers and connections in 195 countries support Global Chamber® members to grow globally with less risk. Visit globalchamber.org.

About Global Chamber® Caribbean

We welcome you to visit two of our websites that cover business in the region including Global Chamber® Caribbean HERE and Global Chamber® Trinidad & Tobago HERE. Welcome to warm side of business connections and growth.