President Vicente Fox 8/29-31

55th President of Mexico Vicente Fox on New Business, Investment and Trade Opportunities

Published Saturday, June 17, 2017

Global Chamber® Denver hosts President Vicente Fox in a Global Trade & Investment Forum 8/29-31

President Fox will share his insights and expertise on global business and doing business in Mexico in the forum in Denver, Colorado.

Global Chamber® is NOT political. However we welcome community leaders in all communities and countries who are dedicated to growing business across borders. We encourage everyone to work together from every side of the political spectrum.

Our focus for this 3-day forum is doing business cross-border and globally... between Mexico and the US and the world.

Following the forum, limited companies can meet with President Fox's team to discuss specific opportunities.

Global Trade & Investment Forum

By Global Chamber® Denver

August 29-31 in Denver, Colorado

  • Full 3-Day Schedule 8/29-31 in Denver, Colorado HERE
  • Day 1 and 2 "Global Trade and Investment Forum" - HERE
  • Day 3 "Access to Capital" - HERE

"We are honored to feature President Fox at the Global Trade & Investment Forum August 29-31," said Jeffrey Campos, Executive Director for Global Chamber® Denver. "His dedication to growing trade is an inspiration for metro Denver companies to grow through investment and exports."

Contact: Jeffrey Campos, Executive Director - Global Chamber® Denver


About President Vicente Fox

Vicente Fox was born in Mexico City on July 2, 1942, the second of nine children, fruit of the marriage between José Luis Fox, a farmer by trade, and Doña Mercedes Quesada. Whilst he was still a child, he and his family moved to the San Cristóbal ranch in the state of Guanajuato municipality of San Francisco del Rincón, where he would have the opportunity to live and play alongside the children of the local communal farmers, to share his childhood with them and, in his own words, see for himself “one of the avoidable ills of our country: poverty.” Read more.

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