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Grow in Your Metro and Well Beyond with Multi-Metro Events and Warm Connections from Global Chamber

Published Monday, July 3, 2017

Global Chamber® hosts 3 or more multi-metro events per month to help our members connect with opportunities in their metro area and well beyond. Often connections in other metropolitan areas can be challenging. We make it easy in a variety of ways.

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"Multi-metro events help companies bridge the wide gap between connections in their city and connections in cities around the world," said Cesar Trabanco, leader of Business Services at Global Chamber®. "We've ramped-up our activities to help members grow their knowledge and connections... to grow their business."

This month we're pleased to present events on global growth from CEOs, on leadership from global women leaders and on cybersecurity from the experts there. All are timely - with companies seeking growth in a rapidly changing world.

How are CEOs adapting to the changes in order to keep profitable growth happening at their companies? Hear tips on July 18th from experienced global leaders on growing globally. And as a member, talk with us... and we're happy to connect you with more business opportunities to grow. Our speakers on the 18th are all leading successful global ventures and come from a diverse group of companies across segments including fintech, importing, retail, sustainability, services, construction, industrial and exporting. Click here for more and to register: LINK

And on the 25th we have Women in Global Leadership with another stellar panel. This is a theme we often emphasize because historically women have not populated 50% of the C-level seats on global companies... and that's changing fast. We're happy to feature women leaders on the cutting edge. In 10 years people will look back and wonder why it took so long to have women in these positions of leadership. More HERE.

You can be a member of Global Chamber® to attend these multi-metro events for free and to connect to new opportunities in your metro and well beyond, in 525 metro areas... everywhere! And as a member we'll keep you up-to-speed on topics of interest, and often weave you in some way... locally or globally.

For questions on our multi-metro events, becoming a member of the global tribe, or anything on your mind, please contact us.

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