Trade Mission to Beijing Creates New Connections

Global Chamber Partnership with University of San Francisco on Tech Conference in China Generates the Opportunity for New Business

Published Saturday, July 15, 2017

Global Chamber® San Francisco in partnership with the University of San Francisco helped to organize a trade mission to Beijing, China in May for technology companies to attend the 2nd CBSI International Conference 'China Innovation and Global Integration: Silicon Valley and Beyond'.

Executives from the San Francisco Bay area including members and partners of Global Chamber® San Francisco attended the event, which was co-organized by the University of San Francisco, Peking University, China (Langfang) International Economic & Trade Fair, the World Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

Notably Global Chamber® San Francisco delegates were able to attend and take part in the trade mission with the added benefit of subsidized travel and complementary lodging and conference expenses. Additionally Global Chamber® San Francisco members were also provided with special opportunities to speak at the conference in order showcase their companies and technologies; and were paired with local business prospects. Our partners also arranged for our executives to be accompanied by top bilingual student ambassadors while in China.

The trade mission was a huge success and an incredible opportunity for those participating.

"The trade mission was great in introducing us to new and exciting opportunities for our trade platform," said Kishan Bulusu, CEO of Silicon Valley startup Trealth and member of Global Chamber® San Francisco. "I had the opportunity of making new connections and hopefully these relations will help us develop business in China."

This testimonial underscores some of the many reasons and benefits of being a member of the Global Chamber® San Francisco! Thanks to USF for the opportunity to partner on this trade mission and event.

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