10 Business Growth Beliefs for Global ChamberĀ®

Global Chamber Is Focused on Business Growth and We Avoid Politics Completely

Published Saturday, August 19, 2017

Our worldwide team works 24/7 to help members think big, discovering big opportunities and understanding ways to avoid pitfalls along the path of growth. We experience, discuss, think, study, research, network, connect and share... to help members grow and succeed.

We work in 525 metropolitan areas and 195 countries... everywhere! That's a wide reach.

We work with executives and leaders at companies and within communities. They are our sweet spot... working on their business challenges and opportunities.

Where politics is concerned, we're NOT involved. We don't support specific candidates and we don't advocate on specific local issues unless it's firmly in the area of trade and part of a broad category, below.

Our team members worldwide are all very capable people with strong opinions. It doesn't mean that any one of them might advocate for a specific politician and local political issue. They do. But that advocacy is done outside Global Chamber®.

Considering the happenings in every community across the globe every day, we wanted to be crystal clear that WE DO NOT advocate for political positions, parties or candidates. Some chambers do... but Global Chamber® does not.

We're everywhere, we're business focused and we're collaborative. We're NOT political.

There are some broad beliefs that we adhere to that help guide us in the 'grey area' between business and politics. I suppose it's our shared value system.

Considering that politics plays a role in every country worldwide, we thought it would be helpful to communicate to our team, members and the 525 metro areas where we serve, how the Global Chamber® views business, politics and the space between.

Here is our 10-point business growth belief system that hopefully creates more clarity in how we operate and where we focus.

Business Growth Beliefs, Global Chamber®

1. Growth is good. We believe that business growth is good, and that we as business leaders must continually engage and evolve to capture the next wave of opportunity and growth. At Global Chamber® we are collectively dedicated to increasing business success - export, import, tourism and investment - across metros and borders, because it increases wealth, and when done well it raises the standard of living for all. Growth should be Sustainable, big S, and so destroying resources doesn't make sense in a region if that area seeks to have long-term success. We are pro-business, pro-growth, pro-progress, pro-people, pro-innovation, pro-creativity, pro-success, pro-diversity, pro-whatever it takes to grow, Sustainably.

2. Comparative advantage determines where goods and services are conceived and received. The uniqueness of people and communities in the 525 metro areas where we operate is inspiring! It creates a view of the world that says 'trade is good' - because we can help each other. No community must do it all. Each can focus on their comparative advantage and succeed then on the merits of their unique value statement - companies, communities and people.

3. Reducing tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers is good, and doesn't happen all at once. Each region should be on a track to reduce tariffs and non-tariff barriers, although the 'devil is in the details' - how far, how fast? And so with NAFTA for example, we know trade agreements have played an important role increasing wealth of the mega-region, and further agreements are needed that are in line with the latest market conditions. Our focus is keeping members aware of the changes and providing opportunities to input into the process if they wish to.

4. Businesses should not be over-burdened by rules and regulations. Regulations can be set up by well-meaning administrators that can create unnecessary burdens, and regions can also attempt to favor local companies with regulations versus competition. All of these are meant with the best of local intentions, but they can run afoul with the free market, economics and competition. We will rarely step in to this area other than more broadly. For companies looking to impact on specific laws, hire a lobbyist, or we can direct you to other groups.

5. Employees should have a safe working environment and be able to earn a living wage, while companies succeed. Around the world this is a continuum, where one practice might be acceptable in one area, and completely unacceptable in another. This is part of the value of globalism - that best practices and ideas are carried across borders, and improvements are imagined and ultimately implemented as each level of progress is reached in each region. As these shifts occur, it creates disruption in communities and the world, requiring change - which is simply necessary to succeed. That change can be unsettling, and mined by populist politics to 'turn inward' and sometimes make the wrong decisions. 'All we have to fear is fear itself.' We can't stop progress, but we can introduce our members to opportunities around the world as things change and shift... a key aspect of being in the global tribe.

6. A better future in any community relies on increasing transparency and reducing corruption. People are not inherently corrupt, but systems and certainly some leaders ARE. We advocate for people and companies to build systems that succeed and work within communities to succeed and influence positive change. Corrupt leaders? Not much we do about that - other than to inspire and guide companies to succeed and then hopefully be able to influence those leaders positively. We won't ever be part of regime change in any country, but we will support more transparency and less corruption everywhere we work because progress in those areas helps business be successful.  Ultimately again, our focus is with the executives, not politicians.

7. Each workplace and community should aspire to more fairness, justice, mutual respect, democracy and equal opportunities for all. Every business knows that there needs to be a balance between employees and the company leaders, and between the company and the community. When things are unbalanced, something will happen that causes things to get back into balance, and so it's better to be proactive to reduce wild swings of success/failure. We know that when companies are fair, just and provide opportunities based on value-created, they succeed... and people succeed. In the end those of us doing business across dozens of borders know that Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs is valid in Youngstown, Ohio and Yangon, Myanmar, ie everywhere, and our humanness creates connectivity and opportunity across metros and borders... and that is a powerful asset to grow globally.

8. The value an employee has for a company should be based on their contribution to the success of the company, not the color of their skin, religion, gender, sexual preference or anything else. One of the early inspirations for Global Chamber® was my working across borders and seeking leadership teams that focus on value, not on superficial issues like skin color or whether there person is a man or woman. What can any person bring to the company? What value does a product have for customers? How can a company add value to shareholders? These are the things that matter. I've also noted that diversity is an asset, not a liability. Those of us in the global tribe have witnessed the power of diversity first hand, and we embrace it.

9. We strive for balance - between business ownership and employees, the business with the community and the community with the world. When we seek perfection, we will never find it. But we can find balance while things are changing. And things are always changing. Maintaining balance for our members and member communities while things are changing is tantamount, and the resources and views that we have across metros provides our members a unique view of the world, and the changes they need to make to succeed in it. And of course part of this is sharing great opportunities!

10. Honesty is the best policy. Be real, and be yourself. What your Mom and Dad said was true - be honest and things come out in the end. We'll always be honest with our members, and we know that honesty opens doors to new opportunities. Honesty about products and services creates business success, and so does honesty with people. And celebrations should be honest, too. Celebrate those who have made a positive impact - not just those in power. There are millions of people working hard every day in business and every walk of life, making the lives of other people better - and those are our global tribe.


If you have thoughts or questions on these beliefs, feel free to post in the comment section below or contact me, Doug Bruhnke HERE.

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