President Vicente Fox on Business, Trade and CITEK

Global ChamberĀ® Denver Hosted Mexico's 55th President to Enhance Cross Metro and Cross Border Success

Published Sunday, September 17, 2017

Global Chamber® Denver hosted Mexico's 55th President in Denver with the theme of doing MORE business cross-border and globally. President Fox shared his insights and expertise on global business and doing business in Mexico.

Some of our members met with President Fox and his team to discuss specific opportunities. Special thanks to our members and sponsors - MORE

Thank you to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan, Consul General  of Canada Stephane Lessard and MSU President Janine Davidson for your participation and leadership.

Read more at the Global Chamber® Denver blog - MORE

One of many follow-ups from the Trade & Investment Forum is that we welcome Global Chamber® Denver members to attend President Fox's CITEK 2017 Oct 3-4 at no cost. If you're a member of Global Chamber® in a home chapter outside Denver, contact Jeffrey Campos HERE or me for more information.

CITEK is a multi-platform organized by Centro Fox to promote the technological innovations in Mexico, the generation of business networks and the contribution of solutions that promote economic development, leadership and sustainability in the country.

Companies involved in CITEK 2017 have great areas of opportunities, but they need the right conditions to constantly reinvent and strengthen commercial networks with regional and global businesses. During the two days of CITEK, the companies will be able to live the integral experience of knowledge, the networking and the cultural development - to enhance their success.

By participating in the CITEK Forum you contribute to the social projects that Centro Fox promotes the formation of leaders, entrepreneurs and musical talents. The forum will be held October 3-4 at Centro Fox - MORE


CITEK Form cuenta con un consejo de expertos en innovación, tecnologías de la información, política, negocios, liderazgo y recursos humanos para asegurar el éxito del evento y la dirección del mismo. Conoce a los empresarios mexicanos, líderes y directivos del sector privado que forman parte de nuestro consejo y que impulsan la innovación, el Big Data y la digitalización en México.

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