Global Chamber and Enlightened Leadership

New Initiatives for Women and Leaders with Diverse Backgrounds and Those Looking to Grow in the Modern World

Published Monday, October 23, 2017

Enlightenment: Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.

The world is changing rapidly. 85% of new business opportunities in the next 5 years are outside the U.S. The world is full of people rich in culture and diversity, and of course, the world is half women. Does your business team have the diversity of the markets you intend to serve?

Now in the past few weeks, one seemingly small claim by a woman against a movie studio producer for abusing his position of power has turned into two claims, and three and dozens... and it has led to hundreds of claims against many others who behaved badly.

Men in power have resigned and criminal charges are being filed for. Blink - and change happens! Behavior in the workplace that was and is unacceptable is now more universally being condemned. It's an historic shift!

The Weinstein allegations came out in the news after our most recent "Women in Global Leadership" event at Squire Patton Boggs hosted by Shareholder Jaime Daddona, At the event 6 women who told different but similar stories about their challenges and opportunities. One challenge that came out of the discussion was the inability to obtain great global women and men mentorship despite their best efforts.

That's a pity - and something we can do something about... with mentors within and beyond their metro area.

Success in business today requires CHANGE to capture new OPPORTUNITY. Are you ready?

Read more about our Women in Global Leadership event HERE and the 12 point summary of key points brought up by the women leaders.

We then summarized our own grow beliefs HERE. What do you think?

Thank you to all the women over this past year who have spoken at and attended our Women in Global Leadership events - your input has been heard. In addition we've heard the voices of others calling out for help and support in the workplace - including faster change toward a more respectful diverse business community. And so Global Chamber is introducing initiatives that will address some key issues we've heard you talk about including making it easier to connect women to women for mentorship in order to accelerate their professional development and advance cross metro and cross border success of their companies.

Let's use this opportunity for change in the workplace to advance the professionalism and leadership of men, women and people with a variety of diverse backgrounds and situations - including culture, skin color, religion, perspectives and more. It's time to accelerate change.

"The advancement of professionals and executives has always been at the core of Global Chamber," said Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder. "30 years ago a Korean-American professional approached me to help her get a position at DuPont-Korea, and despite my best efforts, they told us 'NO - there is no place for a woman in our customer-facing organization'. Then 20 years ago I fought and eventually implemented having an 'office lady' in a Dupont joint venture's Osaka office to be in sales. The office leaders told me 'no one at Toyota will ever buy from a woman', and of course she became their best salesperson."

"That wasn't all that long ago, and we all can point to example after example of antiquated thinking happening today in our workplace and around the world. Change can happen far too slow, but we're doing something about it. Global Chamber® is in a unique position growing in 525 metros - everywhere - to accelerate change and growth, and our new initiatives are designed to bring enlightenment and best practices to businesses across metros and borders. Thank you to those who have already asked to be part of the program - approaching 100 women and 10 men already without much exposure... and growing daily."

"Inherent in our own growth beliefs HERE is the ability for professionals and executives to advance on the merits of their own contributions. We can assist more broadly and specifically. We know that our cross metro platform and a worldwide network of enlightened global tribe members will work together to advance business, their careers and the careers. For my daughter, for the women I reference above, and for you."

Be part of the solution and capture new opportunities in today's changing world. Join the movement! Share and expand your enlightenment. Learn more about Enlightened Leaders and participate in the full rollout 12/19.

If you'd like to learn more about the programs as they are being rolled out, please contact us.