Global Chamber Progress and 2018 Outlook

We're Proud of the Progress We Made this Year to Support the Growth of Our Members

Published Monday, January 1, 2018

We're growing to help our members reach every market in the world!

2017 was a transformative year for Global Chamber and our members! Our tribe has grown to over 50,000 members and most importantly we refined the way we onboard and support our members.

The balance of trade of shifting and so companies need to adapt more quickly than ever to new technologies, market changes and other dynamics that highlight constantly moving targets around the world.

And so we continue to make progress for our members so that they're more productive, effective and quick-to-market. Some of the progress...


1) Warm Connections. Global Chamber® has grown around the world with a metro reach of 120 to over 200 within the year. One of the most important developments from our growth this year has been the way we support members with warm introductions. We do an onboarding call with each member to determine the best way to support their growth and success. Are you a member and haven't had a catch-up call recently? Reach out to your Executive Director, Global Advisor or to us at headquarters... we're happy to help! None of us has ALL of the connections we need to grow across metros and globally... and so this is one important way that we help. We make connections to prospective clients, partners and resources to support growth.


2) Women in Global Leadership. In 2017 thanks to dozens of extra special members, we created the Enlightened Leaders Initiative that supports global leaders with events, mentoring and peer-to-peer advisory. We wrapped up the year with three dynamic women leaders discussing global leadership for the future, and our members are able to participate in the events, mentoring and advisory activities. Our goals are better assist our members with global mindset, gender balance and diversity throughout each organization. A team of leaders (left) has met and developed the mentoring program. If you are a man or woman who'd like to learn more and to possibly participate, contact us.


3) Multi-metro Events Every Month. Global Chamber® events offer members the chance to connect regionally and globally. Each chapter holds events that support particular interests of regional members. We also began holding 'multi-metro' globinars multiple times per month so that members everywhere can always tap in to information and connections. Also for the first time we've scheduled these events for the entire year of 2018... 13 months ahead... based on member input. Thank you all for your help and support... and we look forward to highlighting information and people that members should know. Pictured... Colin Christie, Executive Director of Global Chamber Manila, discussing healthcare opportunities across Asia with leaders from countries all across the region.


4) Extraordinary Events. Global Chamber® Executive Directors and Global Advisors around the world are well connected and tapped-in to the business community. And so we work hard to schedule some really nice events... like when President Vicente Fox spent two days with members of Global Chamber in Denver to discuss cross border and entrepreneurial opportunities. President Fox is a political leader but we discussed trade and business opportunities... building off much of what President Fox is involved with today in Mexico and with companies around the world. Watch for more events with President Fox in 2018, and stay in touch with your local chapter and get connected... through warm connections, events and special events!


5) Expanding to 525 Metros. Global Chamber® continues our global reach... with growth every month, week and day... as companies seeking more ways to grow come on board and connect to the global tribe. Our reach extends to millions of connections in 525 metros to help members grow. Membership gives access to trusted resources in every one of our metro areas. Global Chamber® connect members to customers, partners and resources to accelerate business growth success. Our global team eases the pain of doing cross metro and cross border business.


Thank you to all the members and sponsors of Global Chamber®! You keep us inspired to keep growing and connecting.

We're continuing to grow out in 525 metro areas. Our reach already extends to everywhere in the world with tens of millions of contacts to help our members grow globally. We'll keep working hard to continue to expand our reach and capabilities.

Also the world is changing dramatically... with new technologies like AI, machine learning, autonomous everything, blockchain and much more. Stay in touch with the global tribe - we're all going through this together.

Let's grow together, faster and more productively in 2018!

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