Multi-Metro Globinars Help Members Grow

Up to 3 Educational Events Per Month by Global Chamber Help Keep the Global Tribe Growing

Published Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Global Chamber® is pleased to share the collective and specific knowledge of our members to help other members grow across metros and borders. We do that in a number of ways including warm introductions and special events... that are educational and helpful, for growth.

"Our 'globinars' are multi-metro events with one or more keynote speakers and multiple business experts," said Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder of Global Chamber®. "Our speakers are the leaders that are gaining new growth every day in new locations... and we spotlight their knowledge and leadership several times per month... to educate, inspire and help members grow."

Examples of recent events include Cross Cultural Communication and Setting Up Business Abroad. Click on the link for either event to learn more about either topic, and how how it works. The point is that Global Chamber® chooses topics of interest to our growing membership, and includes leaders who can help our members take their growth to the next level. Instead of a focus on one city, we wrap our hands around entire metro areas and regions, and then work hard every day to connect our members to the experts, partners and clients they need to grow successfully.

"Unlike every other organization in the world that either has only one location or that has multiple locations but little coordination between them, Global Chamber® is built to help companies grow across metros," Bruhnke continued. "We coordinate and collaborate within and across metropolitan areas to help members grow. That cross metro and cross border focus by Global Chamber® is unique and valuable, and we appreciate our many tens of thousand of members for understanding that, and for supporting our continued growth in 525 metros!"

So whether you're looking to grow from Nashville to Chattanooga, or to Chicago or to Chengdu... Global Chamber® helps members get their product or service across metros... and that's an increasingly valuable service in today's global world, where 85% of new business in the next 5 years is being created outside of the U.S.

The world is changing and bigger than ever, and Global Chamber® slows it down and makes it a little more manageable.

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