Here's How to Take Your Company Global

Cover Story in Offers Tips for Exporters, Importers and Investors to Grow Globally

Published Sunday, April 15, 2018

New technology, changing demographics and worldwide changes in EVERYTHING require business leaders to know more and do more. The wise executives seek help from a variety of sources - and more and more are turning to Global Chamber® for some of that support.

The 'why' of growing globally was articulated in the current cover story of the March-April AZ Business Magazine, published by AZ Big Media.

Read the full series of articles HERE.

"Our global team is building out our global business network for companies who seek more growth and success," said Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder of Global Chamber®. "With the world moving away from a US-central economic model, it's more important that companies in the U.S. and worldwide make the adjustments to take advantage of fast-moving markets both down the street AND around the globe."

“The question of whether you go global or not, we’re beyond that now,” said Mike Patterson, Attorney and Shareholder at Polsinelli. His firm provides support for companies doing business in Mexico and around the world, and they've been building capabilities to ensure that clients get the help they need.

Mike and the Polsinelli team have been strong supporters of Global Chamber® with years of membership and sponsorship, from the founding 3 years ago.

“I think to not be global minded, on the distribution of your products, is short-sighted,” said Joel Barthelemy, CEO/founder of GlobalMed, the telemedicine trendsetter.

Their business includes exclusive initiatives with the U.S. VA Hospital System and Air Force One - and they do business in dozens of countries around the world. Joel and GlobalMed are an example of a great Global Chamber® member who 'gets it' - and keeps on growing because of it.

We encourage all our members to read the article at the link above and then reach back out to us with fresh ideas of how we can help you connect to new opportunities around the world. We're here - 24/7 to serve you.

And we also encourage anyone still not a member to consider ramping up your cross metro and global game by being part of the global tribe.

It's never too late to get involved.