This Type of Global Warming Grows Your Business

Benefit from Global Chamber Warm Connections in 525 Metros Around the World

Published Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Global Chamber® supports climate change in business. This is a different kind of climate change, though. We want the world around our members to be warm and comfortable, as much as possible. And so we're dedicating EVERY DAY to creating warm connections for members, to people that they wish to meet.

"Each day it becomes more and more clear that warm connections help our members connect and grow," said Cesar Trabanco, who oversees the creation of warm connections across world, all 525 metros from outside the U.S. "The world is a big place, and we're dedicated to making it smaller and smaller."

The core of the magic is our asking questions to understand more about our members, and then connecting them in a variety of ways to people who will make their business journey easier. Those people are a fit for our members, and when they become 'warm connections' - changes that there will be a discussion increase dramatically... often over 90% of the time. That's because in our busy world, cold calling and cold outreach is rarely a good strategy.

Our members appreciate the thought behind introductions and the warm approach we take to make it easier for everyone. We're ALL busy... most of us can't and won't waste time on cold calling or connecting to people who are not in our target. We need to be efficient and effective. That's trick in new markets because none of us knows everyone... and so we've built a worldwide network that is still growing to help our members reach a friendly face and connection, everywhere.

We can't guarantee that every warm introduction will result in a sale, but we can say that nearly every one will open a door or two for opportunities to advance.

Adding a little warmth helps make cross metro and cross border business a little easier. Here's how we do it:

  1. We ask questions and understand real needs.
  2. We make warm introductions for our members.
  3. We offer our own events to members and non-members.
  4. We collaborate on events consistent with the interests of our global tribe.
  5. We appreciate and count on the talent and connections of the global tribe.

"I went back over the last couple years and it's clear that our growth can be traced to more clients coming from Global Chamber® both directly and through other members than any other source," said Kevin Hull, Sr. Vice President at BMO Harris Bank. "We are pleased to be members because the ROI is there."

Members - reach out when you'd like some advice to reach a new market or someone in particular.

Non-members - join us and add a little warmth to the world. Contact us.