Global Chamber Now Doing Weekly Webinars

Our Members Thirst for More Information, Connections and Opportunities... and We Provide More EVERY DAY

Published Thursday, June 21, 2018

We're all busy! You very likely don't have enough time to invest in cross metro, cross border and global growth in a way that matches the relative opportunity for your business. We know because we speak with hundreds of companies every day, and many members and most non-members are under-invested in global business.

It's been that way forever, and now at least many multi-nationals and some small and medium sized businesses get it, INCLUDING making the investment commitment of time, talent and treasury required to grow globally. It doesn't happen by itself. So we're here to help along the way.. making it easier and simpler to grow.

Global Chamber helps our members PRIMARILY by...

1. Making warm introductions that create positive conversations and save time and mondy.

2. Sharing growth tips for you and your team through one-on-ones, news, events and globinars.

3. Create a global 'global tribe' that is everywhere, in every segment, ready to help when a member needs it.

"Global Chamber® has begun presenting one hour globinars every week and more so that members can watch to learn and connect with talented people and up-to-the-moment ideas and opportunities," said Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder of Global Chamber. "We're sharing the global business love! Watch your business bloom!"

Membership shouldn't feel bad if they miss one or more. That's not the point. Our most capable members share the info of highest interest with their team and extended teams. They do what they can. They get better as a team.

From our experience, many times not enough people are well grounded within any business on all the things needed to know, to grow.

We're the place where ALL the people you need to grow globally gather. 

And that is increasingly the case as we add more metros and globinars every month, around the world, everywhere!