New Global Direction with M&A Services for ZG Worldwide

Lothar E. Soliwon on his firm's new services through the Business Exchange and Woodbridge International

Published Wednesday, July 25, 2018
This week member ZG Worldwide announced a new teaming relationship with Business Exchange to connect sellers with buyers of businesses.
Business Exchange has offices in Chicago and Springville, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri USA to market businesses to a broad range of buyers and investors all over the world.
As a result this week we sat down with Lothar E. Soliwon, founder and CEO of ZG Worldwide to catch up on what this change will mean to companies doing global business.
Global Chamber® : Tell us about the new collaboration you've formed, Lothar!      
Lothar Soliwon : ZG Worldwide is now a broker with the Business Exchange, a business brokerage with offices in Chicago, Springfield, Illinois and St. Louis, connecting buyers with sellers of small to mid-size companies. This is among the many specialized business services ZG Worldwide offers. Since it serves the needs of a global market, it is only fitting that we developed a broker to broker collaboration with Woodbridge International, headquartered in Connecticut, to supplement our Midwest services. Woodbridge does sell-side and buy-side mergers and acquisitions, company sales and corporate divestitures in the U.S. and globally. 
Global Chamber® : What is different about the collaboration?
Lothar Soliwon : By teaming with Woodbridge, ZG Worldwide now offers an outstanding scope of mergers and acquisitions services in major U.S. cities and globally in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. We are fortunate to be able to partner with a world class company like Woodbridge. They have decades of experience and many recent success stories about the transactions they handled. While many management consultancies analyze and make recommendations about merger and acquisition proposals, ZG Worldwide's partner Woodbridge follows through with the implementation of mergers and acquisitions.
Global Chamber® : What companies are you expecting to help?    
Lothar Soliwon : Both our Business Exchange and Woodbridge International partners work with companies of many sizes and a variety of industries that includes lodging, manufacturing, technology, logistics, healthcare, media and marketing. We help companies through all stages of buying and selling.
Global Chamber® : How can you help our members? Tell us about the services.
Lothar Soliwon : Buying and selling businesses and the merger and acquisition process are very complex and involve attorneys, accountants and other experts. Seasoned professionals in this business with the right connections buy and sell companies quicker and expedite the entire process. The Business Exchange connects buyers with sellers of companies valued at about $50,000 to $5 million in Chicago and the heart of the U.S. Midwest. 
Woodbridge works with $5 million to $250 million mergers and acquisitions nationally and globally.  For companies thinking about buying or selling, ZG Worldwide welcomes inquiries.  Businesses can be marketed publicly or confidentially. Woodbridge gives companies a no cost, no obligation personalized valuation estimate based on their industry and its outlook, points of differentiation, management team, growth potential, trademarks and intellectual properties, revenues and profitability trends.  ZG Worldwide also offers services in post-merger integration to blend differing company cultures and IT business alignment to help combine different technologies after mergers and acquisitions.
Global Chamber® : Remind us about what ZG Worldwide does.    
Lothar Soliwon : ZG Worldwide offers management consultants augmented by a broad range of technology and business services in 15 states and 25 countries. With companies hiring more independent contractors and fewer full-time staff, we offer an array of intellectual capital to meet their needs. This varies from remote workers to interim and long-term managers. We have PhDs, CPAs, lawyers, MBAs, designers, engineers, etc. on the ground in many countries who can navigate their country's administrative complexities. Our 80 consultants are grouped into business & management consulting, healthcare, marketing & communications and software & technology.
For a good overview of what we do, we suggest you request the ZG Worldwide Roster of Associates with expertise summaries of our global network of consultants. Visit or contact for more information.  
Thank you, Lothar!