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Published Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Our work is never done... to increase business that advances the world in a positive way.
Ongoing strife in Yemen, Syria, Myanmar, Somalia and the around the world... including three hate-filled crimes this week in the United States... are ongoing wake-up calls for all global citizens to keep growing business and therefore human understanding around the world.
The world is getting better by most economic and health indicators, but collectively we never seem able to fully eliminate wars and other crimes against people. We believe that growing business across borders helps avoid hateful acts and wars, and so we redouble our commitment to help member companies grow globally and therefore to elevate the economics of the world one person and one deal at a time.
Global Chamber remains committed to following these values:
  • Increasing business and therefore economic strength across metro areas and borders.
  • Respecting all people regardless of skin color, background, gender and religion.
  • Supporting personal and social responsibility to advance these positive values.
  • Believing that people around the world are interconnected, and advance that through business.
  • Creating an open and respectful dialogue between people everywhere in the world, every day.
Global Chamber is committed to promoting and advancing business between all people, because we believe that these actions increase understanding and connectivity while eliminating conflict and hatred. We urge all people to advance these basic concepts.
Our work continues every day, one deal at a deal... until every corner of the world is blessed with peace and prosperity.
From the Worldwide Team at Global Chamber.
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